The Three D’s … Leaving on Thursday

6 01 2009

Ah … Well, now … I leave on Thursday. I don’t really have a “checklist” per se of what I do before I leave for a several day race excursion, however I’m realizing there’s more than I thought. Friends have been “concerned” with how quiet and calm I’ve been … well … I’ll get psyched once I’m set in my room … seriously!

A quick check of the checking account reveals that neither my insurance nor coaching checks have been cashed. Out of the two, the insurance one is of more concern as it’s taken me forever to get reinsured. Quick calls today and dashing off replacements will probably be necessary, but I could live without this.

I also have not recevied the Disney Travel packet which allows for my luggage to be taken directly to my room AND my transportation to the resort. Hum … this bothers me almost as much as the insurance check problem because I simply want to concentrate only on race related details NOT how the heck I’m getting to the blasted resort!

My quads and hamstrings are still sore. I’ve finally been able to start stretching again and I’m just going to have to deal with it. I’m also “short” on miles due to a series of injuries that rounded out 2008. I’m not going to let it concern me too much … however my wanting the insurance paid up is more paramount with this discovery.

I’m strangely calm and at peace. I know the Disney World Marathon quite well and the half is the new one to me. I’ve never tried to do back-to-back long distances like this, but let’s see what I can pull out of my left ear!

I remember the advice when I was going in to my very first 1/2 marathon walking: You can only do what you can do with your body and now it’s all mental. It is interesting, I can use this as a long training walk to work on being lighter on my feet and keeping my strides in check.

I was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince again because I couldn’t sleep. In order to apparate (leave one place and magically appear someplace else) students are taught they must “do” the three D’s:

Destination. Determination . Deliberation.

The ancient Wilkie Twycross explains:

“Step one: Fix your mind firmly on the desired destination”  (pg 384)

“Step two … focus your determination to occupy the visualized space! Let your yearning to enter it flood from your mind to every particle of your body!” (pg 384)

“Step three … Turn on the spot, feeling your way into nothingness, moving with deliberation!” (pg 384-385)

Ok Professor Twycross:


Step One: Desired Destination:
      Crossing the finish line of the 1/2 marathon comfortably, happily and within my goal time … I’m giving myself a wide goal of 2:30 – 3:00 only because I’m to take it easy and it’s to be a walk in the park.

Step Two: Determination:
     I’m so set to do this – walking up to the main park and enjoying the walk, getting slightly faster with each mile until I hit a comfortable cruising speed then using the last bit to push over the finish line.

Step Three: Deliberation:
     I’m out there to have fun – all the people in front of me will simply melt away as I’m walking my race for my own reasons. My legs are happily doing their thing. I’m comfortable with the shoulders and back and I’m bopping along until I get to go back to my hotel and snarf down an entire bag of Newman’s Own Organics Fig Newmans and have some miso soup in a cold bath. Yeah! That finish line is crossed and I’m ready to keep going!


Step One: Destination:
     I’m going through all those spots which have caused me trouble in the past with complete ease. OOHH!!! There’s that last turn into the finish … and there’s the finish! Time to give it everything that is in the legs and heart … Crossing the line within my goal – anything under 6:05, please! Slamming the watch … starting the year with three nutsy medals to lug through the airport!

Step Two: Determination:
     This go around the Main Park is around 1/2 way and I’ve had some issues in the past with the narrow walkways through the parking lots where people are cramming in on one side and the tree is trying to take me out at the ears. No problem – just floating on through! That last 5k is a walk in the park as I know my legs are on auto-pilot and I’m flooding relaxation through my shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Nothing is going to stop me from attaining this goal – time isn’t really of consequence … it’s proving to myself that I can do these distances and keep my head, heart and attitude in line. I’ve had a habit of berating myself … no way … no time for that anymore!

Step Three: Deliberation.
     There’s that last 5k. Watch beeping to remind me of this. I’ve been out there for something in excess of 4.5 hours and I’m nearly done. There’s that walkway with the raised edge … watching my feet – picking them up to keep from tripping and rolling along happily – nothing to worry about. Coming along the wooden walkway through Epcot – the green gates Patti and I pretended to climb over are just ahead … more Epcot … cool … there’s the fountain and then it’s maybe 200 meters. Ok – so I’ve not been on a track doing speed work for a while … it’s all in the wiring! Finish line … There you are! Speedy Sneaker friends will be at the TNT check-in … Floor it, Lizzy! Watch the overstriding … it’s all yours!

I can and I shall! Simple as that! It’s one race at a time … ok – in this case two! I am an Athlete of my own design … ok – with a lot of help from a much-suffering coach.

Time to get going … I’ll probably post again before I leave, but once I’m in Disney, contact will have to be through text messages.

You know – I think I’m printing this up to bring with me!!! 🙂

Hugs – Lizzy



One response

6 01 2009
Da Coach

And the 4th “D” — Dementia! Of course I think you’re nuts, but 110% behind you!


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