Bags are Packed … now dealing with the carry on …

7 01 2009

Just a quick funny …

I guess it’s because I know eating at Disney is truly not an option for me that I’ve literally packed the larger of my two bags full of food! I guess I’m not taking any chances. I probably won’t go through 1/2 of it, unless there are a lot of visitors to the room, but since I don’t know that many folks this go around and I’ve really got to take it easy between events …

I’ll take a photo when I get there!

Hugs – Shep




2 responses

8 01 2009

Liz, you sound like me. I always take my own food along on trips. I can’t wait to see a picute of that suitcase loaded with food…

13 01 2009

Hey Maryann –

That bloody bag was 3 pounds over the Southwest Air 50 pound weigh limit and came back at 35 pounds … Lizzy went shooooppppiiinnnnggggg … BAD House Elf!!!

I always take photos of my “food” area – this go around the change is AMAZING! I’ll get the film – yes film, I don’t have a digital yet – to the developer today!

I might post on “food” … but let’s just say that I went through 90% of that damn bag and still used the restaurant 2x!

More to come!!!
Hugs – Lizzy

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