It’s happened again – with a new twist … Poor Paul McCartney!!!!

24 01 2009

Ok – As I was starting to finally get these blogs together my neighbor asked if I could drive him to the U-Haul place as they’re moving from one apartment to another in the giga-plex where we live. No problem … As we were figuring out where the place was and how he was going to drive back to the complex, we both got the Coffee Hankering …  Ah – Starbucks located in the Safeway we were just coming up on would do the trick. Since I had my pocketbook still set up for “airports” (read: with my Carabou Coffee card and Starbucks Coffee card in it), I was set.

My Starbucks card is one I picked up a couple of years ago when Paul McCartney was coming out with a new album. It’s got a photo of him on it where he seriously looks a great deal younger than he truly is … but that’s just the way he is, hu?

There is that old joke: Paul McCartney … you mean he was in a band beforeWings and his solo career? Ok – it’s a really old one, but I had the 21st century version of it happen and if Jonathan wasn’t standing right there I would have not believed it.

I handed over my card and the girl, probably 21 if that, looked at it and said “Who’s that?”

I replied “Paul McCartney.”

She quizzically at me and I said … um … “A singer/songwriter/musician …” no lightbulbs … “a solo artist who used to play with a band called Wings?” … still in the dark … “uh … he was the bassist/singer/songwriter for a band called The Beatles…” wow … still darkness … “um … whose songwriting partner was John Lennnon?” … if she wasn’t breathing and flipping the card over, I would have sworn she was dead.

“Um … he’s just some old guy that made pop music from like the middle of the last century onward … not really important.” Our dead barista perked up and said “Oh pop music. Is he like Justin Timberlake?” I smiled … “Uh … kinda, just a whole bunch older.” 

I’m feeling old now!



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