Patti and the Post Half!

25 01 2009

Two tired and hungry girls who had their Duck Medals!
Two tired and hungry girls who had their Duck Medals!

Ok – So I finished my race and was getting my leg all covered in ice. I wondered where my buddy Patti was. She said she was going to be behind me as she’d not been able to train well and had been sick. It was probably safer for her to be behind me because in the 5k for Camp, I’d accidentally stepped on the back of her shoe, popping it right off. In fact, probably the last thing she said before we took off was “Hey Lizzy – don’t take off anyone’s shoes!”

Well … it’s a great way to deal with the competition, right?

Anyway – it was a little crazy when we ended and I was seriously bummed that we weren’t able to get a photo at the end just of the two of us. I’d tried Roger’s phone, but must have put the number in wrong after Patti’s and my marathon pre-race conversation. I did my TNT check-in thing and then figured I’d try one more time on the phone before I tried to figure out if there were any characters of interest to have a photo with.

Put a fork in us ... we're done!

Put a fork in us ... we're done!

I couldn’t believe it – Patti and Roger were JUST LEAVING! We stayed on the phone while she walked backward through the gates. Now, it’s really important to remember there is a … uh … slight height difference between Patti and myself. I figured she would have seen me as I was still walking about in my ears, but it turned out I spotted her! She was tired, hungry and they had an agenda … I believe it was Waffle House –> hotel to pack and shower –> Epcot for Champagne in France. All I waned was to eat and get out of my clothes. A couple of times when I thought I was dumping water down my back, I was dumping Powerade. GAK!

Several jokes about how pathetic I looked with a leg full of ice and, truly, waddling like a duck were laughed at. It was true … I was kind of being careful about that right leg.  Even more of a giggle was the fact that I have the tech shirt that goes with the shorts she was wearing. Through Camp, we’d decided I had no sense of color with what I would choose to wear. I proved this in my “swimsuit cover-up” outfit.
We were thinking about getting group shots with the Disney Characters, but I’d not yet found out where they were located and, lets face it, we were both really tired! We’d done it, however. AND we’d found each other before and after the race. It was probably better that we didn’t go roaming around.

Patti was the first voice I heard on my phone post Marathon … one happy chirping upper damn awesome pal!

And … next year, Girlfriend, I’m going to France with you guys!!! 🙂

Patti goes to France! Cheers!!!
Patti goes to France! Cheers!!!

I’m so proud of you, Girlfriend!!




2 responses

28 01 2009

Hey Lis,

Great pictures of the Leg!! You go girl. Are you in FLA now? We are having the most miserable weather in Boston. 3 inches of snow and now two inches of cold rain on top. I wouldn’t mind being in France sipping champagne as well. Keep up the good work.


28 01 2009

Yo’ Cuz!
Yeah – awesome, hu? Did you like the ones with full ice packs on both knees? Only once before did that happen. It was when I was skating and had 2 sprained knees and a rather athletic routine!
Nah – I’m in chilly Denver. Saw the mess that is Mass and hope you guys are OK. Snow-drifts … well – at least you’re on the tall side of the family! Don’t lose the kids in the snowdrifts!
Next year, I’ll be shipping champagne in “France” after the Goofy … you guys are more than welcome to come down!! 🙂
Hugs and Love –

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