The Girls … and the Gingerbread … yes this is going to lead into the Marathon Report at some point!

25 01 2009

What a trustworthy group of Blondes! The Blonde Racewalking Girls behaving themselves ...

What a trustworthy group of Blondes! The Blonde Racewalking Girls behaving themselves ...

 Ok – I think I wrote about Racewalking Camp and my new Partners In Crime – Patti W (of Florida), Linda J (of Virginia Beach) and Lisa W (of Calgary, Canada). (back to front: Lisa, Me, Patti, Linda) Patti and Lisa were in one house and Linda and I were in the other … if we were all together in one, I’m sure we would have had entirely too much fun and gotten no sleep at all … good move on Dave’s part sort of separating us! The three of them met earlier as I was on the earliest flight out of Denver that landed in the early afternoon … but we’re a pack now!

The second to last afternoon at Camp was time to all go hang out someplace. Patti’s husband Roger came down for the night and since they have annual passes to the Disney Property, they knew the free places to go. The interesting thing is that precisely where we were was right at the last part of the full marathon (see there’s a reference) – and if it wasn’t for the memory of the afternoon with The Girls, I think I would have really lost it! Ok … it just kept me focused!

We all met at the Disney Boardwalk for lunch. I’m sure I posted the Gang photo. It was great fun, with the probable exception that I spent more on an appetiser and cocktail than I would have on a full dinner normally … but it was nice.

While we were waiting for our reservation, the small pack of us went in different directions. Linda, Lisa and I went over toward the Swan and Fish (I think that’s what it’s called) hotel. I’d only seen it from a far, so it was cool to see it up close. (as soon as I get photos, I’ll update this) Linda and I have a very … similar … personality … so the Terrible Two wandered about the lagoon where we ran into these two guys who were there from Minnesota (?) or Michigan for a candy conference. They had a t-shirt that caught my eye.

After a bit of … coaching … Linda, Lisa & I had our photo taken by these two. I knew the walkway we were on as it was part of the Marathon I’d done two years previously. We wandered back to the restaurant, met up with the rest of the gang and ate.

It's only because my legs are longer ...

It's only because my legs are longer ...

Afterward, most of the gang wanted to go back to the houses Dave’d rented. Patti, Lisa, Linda, Roger and I wandered the shops and over toward where the race went. Since Patti and I were the only two who had done the Disney World Marathon, we had memories to share … and there were many comments regarding my lack of sanity doing the Goofy.

When we got close to Epcot, Patti made sure I saw … the Green Gates … Ok – they’re the doors or gates or whatever leading to the end of the race. Of course I thought that pretending to climb over would be a great fun idea … but as I popped my head over, I saw a Disney Security Transport … um coming in the general direction … pop down … I looked over and we play acted again!

The cool thing was the Boardwalk, as I say, was free. We probably should have tried to take the boat ride and gone along the waterway, but we were having a grand time with Linda zipping around with her camera and all being a crazy group of Blondes (I just realized that now!).
There was a candy shop that Patti and Roger wanted to stop at. As the person who brought about 15 chocolate bars to share with my housemates, candy shop sounded lovely. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Pixie Sticks, but when I was a kid, they were these huge plastic tubes filled with flavored sugar. Sure they had the tiny little paper tube ones too … but the big plastic ones were enough to give dentists fits – or the full knowledge that they’d be able to put their own kids through med school on the cavity charges! Anyway – Patti became a happy 5 year old filling a tube with different flavors of sugar. The funny thing, of course, is that we four are within a couple of years of each other and our happy 5 year old is a step-grandmother!
this thing is huge ... that's me in the corner in the red to give you an idea!

this thing is huge ... that's me in the corner in the red to give you an idea!

As we were leaving, Patti said “we’ve got to see the Gingerbread House!” Um … trust the locals! I wanted to give them a map so if we were going to be able to hook up at my hotel after Patti and I finished the 1/2 we could.
The hotel was decked out in Holiday Finery. We weren’t quite at Thanksgiving, but it was Christmas in Florida. Of course, we were in the middle of a Florida cold snap and it kind of felt like Christmas. The smell of fresh gingerbread was amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This thing is huge – that’s me standing relatively straight over on the right.
What you’re to do, however, is find the little golden Mickey Mouse ears that were hidden in the display. They weren’t all that easy to find actually. In the side view of the house, Patti is in the flowered shirt looking for the Golden Mickeys … complete with see-through Pixie Stick!!
The other side of the house Patti searching

The other side of the house Patti searching


The very interesting thing about this is that absolutely every bit – from the walls to the railroad tracks to the tree inside and Donald and Daisy – was created and edible! When I was enjoying some Fish & Chips at the pub on Consumer Island the day before the 1/2 marathon, my 24 year old/8 year survivor patient honoree Brittany and I met the wife of the man who is responsible for making the thing!
It truly is amazing, however. I was hoping that the others had seen it too. It did turn out that the others

Stitch in the Box
Stitch in the Box

saw the gingerbread house because when we got back for dinner that evening, I think it was Loretta who said Dave had something for me.  He’d used his brand new – he’d washed the other one a couple of days before Camp started – Blackberry to take a photo of  Stitch In The Box for me … I have now raced Disney 2x with the Stitch ears on … The Goofy was a bit hard because 2 days in a row and the things start to dig in as they’re Children’s size!

Earlier in the day, he did ask me, while we were wandering about the shops before lunch, about the reason for the ears. I smiled and said I liked Stitch – a well-meaning, slightly perplexed by humans, sometimes short tempered alien creation … I would have been surprised if he’d made some “derisive” comment because, after all, he is the man who wore Mickey Mouse glasses during much of his racing career.
I tell this story about The Girls and the Gingerbread House before I write up my notes on the Marathon because I was thinking of those crazy friends while I did my event. I was even wearing the Mickey Mouse charm I’d picked up when we were goofing around wearing hats … it’s on the long silver chain in the photos!



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