Another reason to make sure the schedule is correct! No Surf City for ME this year!

28 01 2009

I couldn’t sleep. Woke up and checked my e-mail to get the “Final Instructions” for Surf City … and realized that it was the 1st NOT the 8th! When your cousin writes the best betting information in the nation … one would think I would know when the bloody hell Super Bowl was, but I biffed it! I’d already made my travel arrangements and although I could move the flight, I couldn’t move the hotel — great deal but non-cancellable.


Ok – after leaving a few “I’m so frustrated” teary messages on fellow racing friends’ phones, I started thinking logically and calmed myself down. Although I am not thrilled about spending the money for the room, I’m less thrilled with losing not only the race fee but the room cost. Not on your bloody life!

1. I went in to the Goofy injured and came out a bit more beaten up than I thought.
2. I haven’t been able to train properly for the Surf City 1/2 because of 1 above.
3. I’ve got my first judged 20k next month in Huntington Beach and, in the grand scheme of things, that’s more important right now.
4. I’ve never really taken any sort of a vacation … really … uh … ever!

On 4 … Seriously! I have never really just taken myself someplace to kind of be someplace. I’ve done a little travelling with boyfriends or friends in the past, but it’s been a bit of a destination reason: Seeing my Grandmother in New Hampshire before she passed away, Going to Jazz Fest, Going to New York for the AES Conference … dang … I’m boring, hu? So – this time I’m going to Huntington Beach … a place with coastline … and I’m going to go … rel… uh … I can’t say the word.

I’m going to go and figure out where the Huntington Beach race will be held and find an inexpensive lodging situation.
I’m going to go to this neat coffee shop I found in Seal Beach and another one just up the coast from that.
I’m going to train next to the ocean …
I’m going to the ocean.

Sigh … the ocean … a landlocked San Franciscian – Tiburon Bay Girl … is a sad thing!

You know … that’s the big thing … I’m going to my beloved Pacific Ocean to recharge … and if it’s pouring rain … I’ll deal with it!




2 responses

30 01 2009
Mike Q

Lizzy, glad you’ll finally be taking you much needed vacation, but no offense, I am actually glad you missed the Surf City race. Not glad you lost the money on the race but the last thing in the world you need right now is another long race. You just did an incredibly difficult, not to mention physically damaging race – er two races – back to back. You need much needed rest. Lots of it. C’mon Lizzy, don’t get yourself injured any further. Your best bet for a good performance next month is to do a proper recovery. Not even the 5K I hear you wanted to do. Rest is the key now. Now rest, my child. Rest. 🙂

1 02 2009

How lovely of you to say, Mike! Actually, I did the Super Bowl 5k today and came in 2nd. My time wasn’t all that and a bag of chips: 00:37:15 by watch 00:37:18 by the fact that BKB didn’t have front timing pads. The bigger issues was that I went in pretty damaged and came out pretty damaged. I’m down to a calf issue — which has me pulling out of the Stair Climb –> I’ll blog all this later. Actually, the better part to me is that I can go suss out where the Huntington Beach 20K will be staged and find another hotel … instead of flying in and out. I do down time about as well as I do “vacation” time. Never have done that too well.

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