A very fast update …

18 02 2009

Ah – such things change in the land of Facebook and Life …

It’s quite strange, actually. Folks whom I’ve thought of here and there over the past 25 years … “wonder whatever happened to …” have slowly been popping back into my world. Some are happily married, a handful getting clobbered in divorces/dis-solutions, some trying it again, some with kids, some in that single holding pattern … and me.

This term, I’ve got a couple of really good classes actually. I’ve just not been putting exactly the right amount of time into any of them. I’ve just started to get my act together.

My folks got me a Vaio for Christmas. Actually – a buddy of mine’s hubby was able to get me an amazing deal on my champagne pink box that I have no clue as to all the nifty things it can do. I’ve got to get it hooked up at home and actually install the virus checker etc. I really do like it … especially since I picked up this SIIG fan/riser thing … yeah — trip to Fry’s in Los Angeles.

My high school in Larkspur, California – Redwood – is having it’s 50th anniversary. Cell-Block Redwood is 50. I remember it seeming old when we were there, but whatchagonnado? Right about the same time as I found out about this, I started to get to know some folks I’ve known for the majority of my Public School education. It’s really been quite good and I’m seeing some interesting doors opening.

Many things are starting to open up – and I’ve got to be like the surfers and keep on that curl to make the most of the ride.

I’ve been a smidge a hermit again. It’s just the way things go. I’ve also found myself not eating because I’ve got other things on my mind. The funny thing is usually when I try to figure out why I’m feeling a bit off, the television switches from music to something I’m meaning to record with a commercial about how kids do better when they’ve eaten in the morning … of course “our product” fills in there … but whatever. I was writing with a friend of mine I’d not talked to since three days before forever. Turns out his son is potentially a budding chef … maybe he’ll be the one to make yummy race bars and snacks!

People have been going through some interesting patches, I’ve noticed. Last year was my year from Hell – and, of course, I’m still mopping up some of the messes I got myself in. I’m not exactly proud of it, but there you go. I mentioned to a kid I know that life is a whole lot longer than they think. I know that I’m clearing up messes that really come from my being in reaction mode and simply not paying attention to things along the way. Old and new friends have been coming to mind as I’ve been reconnecting at new and different levels. On Facebook, I mentioned to a guy that I’ve *known* since probably 1976, but never really knew that I would be surprised if a mutual friend remembered me. “Come on Lizzy …” and wonders never end … I was added as his friend. “Seeeeeee……” I always just think I’m so forgettable. Maybe it’s that I spent a lot of time thinking I could do things … later … and when I remember to … well … they’re gone or the time has sorely passed. I’ve had just too many friends pass away – sometimes the hazard of having friends who are the age of my parents or older. It got me thinking.

One of the most supportive and simply amazing energy people I’ve met since I started working out is battling her own fight with cancer and there’s no way to express just how completely helpless I feel … but I’ve already expressed that and I’m sure she gets enough people who send the “oh my God” energy … so I just keep operating that good love and good humor will help out somehow. I love her to pieces, however I also just don’t want to interrupt. I’ve written about her before. It makes me really sad because I just don’t get how the selfish people just seem to keep being alive and the good ones get slammed. I popped her a note this evening … She once told me that they made her smile. Whatever happens – my life is so blessed because she and her family have camped out in my head.

I had been thinking about a friend of mine from half a lifetime ago who had mentioned in passing he was dealing with divorce. For all the bravado he used to show, I always thought he was the match set of a couple of guys I thought truly had the biggest hearts of anyone ever to throw objects at high velocity at one another. For the past bit of time, he keeps showing up in the back of my head … not the bouncy guy of his youth, but someone a bit more … quiet? … puzzled? I donno. It’s not a person that I’d truly ever met when we were  kids, but I kind of sensed might be in there. I’d been meaning to write – so … I literally couldn’t sleep and popped off a note. What the heck … the nice thing, of course, was I was able to crawl under the covers and get some much needed sleep.

Two readers of this blog and amazing men are proving that you’ve got to do things when you can. Steve is taking his brittle asthma lungs to the Boston Marathon along with Mike Mc’s oxygen tanks. Mike just had a trach (sp) and I’ve not seen him since it. Things like that actually freak me out – but then again, I’ve seen some pretty horrific medical things with respect to people I’m close to. He said there’s not much to worry about. These two lung-challanged guys are taking on the Boston Marathon and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

A buddy of mine from the long ago past has me thinking about a business I’ve been wanting to do but never really could figure out how to get the hyper-scattered me in the direction to maybe make it happen … don’t mention financing it.

Things are good … however the house is a mess and I still have a boatload of homework to do.

So – As I send good vibes everywhere … with extra ones over to She-Ra’s family and up to a pal someplace in Seattle … please remember this … In the long run, life’s really short. If we’re not here for one another – truly – then it’s a sadder place. We all have found ourselves alone trying to deal with things and I know I’m constantly in the dog-house for being an idiot … but take the time to look at the trees … I’ve got to go to class … American History: Depression, Anxiety and Affluence since the Cold War …

Love – Lizzy




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