Still Sore

21 02 2009

Aerg! Ok – so I’m more or less just re-starting being in a weight room for endurance. Marty, trainer, rocks. Popped me through some new things – especially the legs. My flexibility allows for more on the adductor machine and I popped it closer to my true flexibility which got me deeper into the muscles … and OWIE! Well – whatchagonnado? We also added different free-weight machines on my quads so I’m sore.

Calf doing fine, mileage still really low. Had an issue with the ankle and had to cut indoor track work-out down due to the heat of the indoor track.

Schedule has some things that are hard to accomplish on a treadmill and going around in circles still bores the hell out of me.

Am I even remotely ready for Huntington Beach? No. I’ve got just about 15 days to get it together.

Stair climb first.





2 responses

21 02 2009

You’re going to Huntington Beach? I want to go SOOOOOOOO BAAAAAD! Doubt I can afford it but I’m going to see what I can do. Have fun and race fast 🙂

21 02 2009

Well … I’m flying in on Southwest. Renting a car in Los Angeles and staying at the Howard Johnson’s about 10 minutes around the corner from the race site. I’m in lousy shape – honestly – and sincerely hope I just don’t get myself DQ’d as this is the longest “truly judged” race I’ll ever have done. I can’t afford it at all as there are pay issues with work and life, but I’d already sent in the $30 … thinking of that, I’d best check to verify that’s made it before I pay for the hotel or it’s another damn wasted weekend!

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