Off we go into the building …

22 02 2009

Well – this is going to blow folks away … or think I’ve finally gotten my head on straight … three or four posts in 2 days!!

Thanks for putting up with my contemplativeness … it usually comes when I look around the house and know it needs another good shake out!

AT ANY RATE: In just 2 short hours, Team CoPD+ will be wandering in the Republic Building in Downtown Denver and at least one member is still sore from the gym!! Can’t complain as 2 of them are carrying their own air!

How stair climbs work is this – in true recipe format:
Take a building with a long interior stair system … invite the American Lung Association and some local fire departments to go up the inside of the building … and masses of people with more adrenaline than sense will show up!

Most folks only know where the stairs are in their building for the annual or bi-annual fire/terrorist drill. They go down the stairs and out … most don’t know that many of the floors are actually locked (found that out when I tried to walk up the 14 stories to Amstar when I was temping there for 2 years).

The thing I learned last year was that it wasn’t really easy to just bail out! Two sets of stairs per floor, with a landing of sorts where you turn between the first and second. Air gets a bit stagnant and about mid way up there is an air mover of sorts. Every 7 floors (I think) there’s an open door for potty break or water – but screw it – I want to be done!

Regular readers know I learned a lot last year and I might have written this already, but we all know I don’t re-read often only because I realize that I’ve blathered and babbled … where was I?

oh yeah

I’ll be carrying water on my back. I think I had it in my hand last time, can’t remember and can’t find the photo that fast. This go around, I’m trying out the Nathan hydration pack that I got for long distance training walks. It might drive me crazy with the bouncing up the stairs, but it’s a great trial by fire … literally.

Last year, I found myself in the corners trying to stave off asthma attacks. It gets really hot in there and someone who isn’t crazy about confined spaces like me has that added extra bonus of … um … am I really getting out of here? It gets warm in there and also people start to spit and get sick due to trying to move too fast and the heat. All combine to my NOT wanting to stop for an asthma attack because when I finally do start breathing … yukko!

Last year, Jackie really got me through. I started out way too fast and by the time I finished, I was ready to yak. I really feel sorry for the people whose office we end up in because they didn’t have much up there and for those of us who were sick as … well … I’d have to say the garbage people had some rude awakenings!

I’m going in with those adductors (those are the inside thigh muscles, right?) sore and my knee clicking slightly. Calves feel fine at this point and I’ll stretch properly. What I’m more concerned about actually is my back and the feeling like my skin is stretching too tight. That’s usually the first sign that I’ve not been eating properly and even though I’m holding a (fat) 168, I’ve got that horrible feeling. I know I’ve been sugar jonsing like there is no tomorrow. Oh well! I’ve got a massage appointment with Jax fairly soon after – so if she’s dead after the stair climb, her first client is a friend. I’ll see if she notices anything.

Ok – so … I’m aiming to finish, try out the water pack and have fun.




4 responses

22 02 2009

You are certainly brave… I always run up the stairs in parking garages when I go to expos or concerts, but that is usually only 3 or 4 floors. Don’t know if I could climb 14 flights at all…

22 02 2009

Girlfriend … it was like 56 floors … and I’m the one huffing at concerts going “Awww crap why do they have to have the GOOD SNACKS over THERE???”

22 02 2009

OMG 56 floors??? I’m sure someone would have to carry me back to the car.

22 02 2009

Try again, Chica! and parking is really strange! The event goes from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and they keep shoving people in the building … you’d have to be done by Monday, however! 😉

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