You’ve GOT to be KIDDING!!!! But Thinking Happy Thoughts anyway!!!

10 03 2009

There’s Good Timing, Bad Timing , Upper-Damn-Sucky Timingand You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding Timing.

Good Timing: We all know this one. It was Good Timing that my legs decided to be as healed as they were gonna be for the Denver Stair Climb.

Bad Timing: That would probably be a toss up between the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon mishap or getting the stomach flu 3 days before the Disney World Marathon.

Upper-Damn-Sucky Timing: Ah – I think the record for this one would be adding the seized calf on top of the trying to heal cracked ankle business before the Goofy.

You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding Timing: Used to be my getting fired only hours before I left to walk my first Disney Marathon in 2007 (what is it with me and this race?). I think that the crown has been taken by my dual travel to Huntington Beach.

First, last month, I lived up to my nickname by booking my travel the weekend afterthe race. Ok … fine. It was actually a nice, rainy get away when I did go. I used the time well. When I made my travel arrangements for this weekend, I was VERY careful, however, obviously I must have been completely disgusted with myself when I made the flight arrangements because I’m leaving Denver at 6:15 AM and doing a 2 hour lay over in Salt Lake City … what was I thinking. However, it gets better! I’m typing this one handed and on a lull from getting sick.

Ah … ok Lizzy … wassup this time??? I promised this was the year that I would actually take care of myself and I bit the proverbial bullet and made “real” doc appointments. We all know when I get a wild hair about something, I go whole hog — so it was all med tests and finding out about my teeth! Yippy SKIP!

    • Friday: After a fairly extensive set of tests, someone in their “infinite wisdom” decided that they would leave the “easiest” for the last … blood work. Um … I did lodge my objection, but I was over-ruled … those fools! The vampires did their best with me, but I was a complete mess by the time they were done. I contacted Jackie as I was sliding down a tree by my car. I figured driving a manual transmission was not something I should be doing … especially with the bandages on my hands and forearms covering pin pricks. There’s a well placed Village Inn across the street and by the time Jackie had gotten there, my color had changed to that weak blue of skim milk … I’d also already made friends with our server (Chris) and had one of their skillet breakfasts, two Belgian waffles, side of potatoes, a couple of pots of coffee, two large orange juices, water and then had another Belgian waffle and a wedge of chocolate pie (which only tasted decent because I could only smell it being chocolate). Did I ever mention that I really like to eat when I remember to do it? 😉
    • My weakened state kept going and slid right through a weekend of enough is ENOUGH! After a really eye-opening stupid situation, I thanked the friendship fairies for surrounding me with good people. Sunday found me putting the proverbial packing label on a box of crap that has been complicating my mind (and life) and shipping it off.
    • Leading to a quite placid Monday of test results … uh … and repeated tests and a bit more blood work … and another boobie squishie … and … horror of horrors … a tetanus shot. I’m such a shot weenie!! My friends go through IV’s and chemo, and I can barely handle a shot … However, Ned-The-Nurse with my sense of humor was good about it … damn him!  🙂
    • By the time I got home, my hands still ached from being pin cushions, and my right arm felt like someone had injected liquid lead in. On the bright side, Mom was happy with my blood pressure reading (110/60 – nervous) and my overall cholesterol (185). I think I found a good primary care doc … who held off cutting this thing off my foot. She and her sister-in-law are running the Donald Duck 1/2 next year … what a trip. My hairdresser is studying to be my dental hygienist and my new doc is going to be doing the 1/2 when I’m doing my 2nd Goofy. Things were looking up … starting to click …
    • I thought about how I can easily handle acupuncture, but suck at Western med stuff. Crawling under the covers, I sent vibes out to my Medical Marvels – Foxy Roxy, She-Rah, Loretta, Mike, Steve, Brandon and Brandan – How they do it, blows my mind. I woke up at , 2 A.M. freezing because that snowstorm they predicted for the weekend must have been on Amtrak as it was running seriously late. Not only that, but Bailey decided to jump up on the bed and started pawing at my hand. OUCH … ok – the liquid lead is in my hands now. This sucks! But not as much as rolling over onto my arm and feeling a shooting pain from my shoulder directly to my gut. … yeah … I’ve been throwing up at regular intervals ever since. Temperature up to 101 from the 97.3 yesterday morning. WTF!!!

DAMN IT!!!! NO!!! Upper-Damn-Sucky-Timing!!!! Come ON!!! Not only is it hard to type, but my right arm just hurts! I wrote work saying I’d try to get in for the afternoon, but after getting in to see the doc … I was down. Having a reaction to the tetanus cocktail probably. S#%T!!!!

I was supposed to give a presentation for my advertising class tonight … no go. If I can’t stay away from the loo for more than an hour, I’m not going to make it sitting in my back corner seat and give a presentation. Tuesday and Wednesday are my long days at work, and I was going to try to go in, but screw that when the ‘facilities’ are in the Student Union and just yakking out the door isn’t really respectable. So, I missed an entire day of work and wasn’t able to do much of anything but stare at the ceiling, yak and drink hot broths hoping it stays. I don’t have “sick leave” or anything like that … that’s why I tend to just keep working when I’m sick … but I’m trying to listen to my body …

What *is* it?! This is unacceptable!!!! Ok – just accept it!  

I’m thinking good thoughts!

  • I’m ready to try something new on Sunday!
  • I’m getting out of Denver for the weekend! It BETTER be nice in Cali!!!
  • I’m taking care of myself and sometimes that makes me initially weak before I get stronger.
  • That coffee shop in Renado (sp) beach with the really yummy coffee cake!!
  • The Pacific Ocean doing it’s thing.
  • The smell of the ocean and feel of warm sand between my toes … getting it all over the floor of the rental car.
  • Seeing my buddy Er.
  • Racing.

I’m ready to … DAMN IT … YAK!

ohhhh pasha! Back to prepping for “teaching” a smidge on how we got in to Vietnam … I’m going a different route (go fig) … and let’s put this crap behind me!

Ohmmmmm …. Ohmmmmm … Ohmmmmmmmmmm …




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