Ok – still sore, at work … counting the daze to leaving …

11 03 2009

I’m thinking that it’s really a great thing that I’ll be trying to get to DIA (Denver International Airport) at around 4 a.m. on Friday to leave for Huntington Beach because I’ll literally be on the “hour count” tomorrow at work!

I’m still pretty dehydrated and sore. I’ve been pounding the water and it’s just being absorbed. I’ve got that stupid low grade I’m-gonna-drive-you-nutters headache going on … indicative of my being dehydrated. My right arm still hurts …

You never really know exactly what your tricept does until it hurts every time you do something. Shifting the car, closing the door, rolling over, picking something up, flattening the book on the copier … blows my mind.

I might be able to get in my sneakers on Thursday, but not for long as I really need to make up the hours …

Hugs – Lizzy



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