When crowns aren’t on the top of your head …

17 03 2009

Okey dokey — I’m kind of laughing … it does hurt though!

I’m having 2 crowns replaced on Friday. They’ve been a bit of a problem which has been made worse by my sort of sucking/chewing on shock blocks while walking. Since I’ve been indoors since January, I’ve not really “needed” them. At the stair climb, I definitely lifted one crown out of place and that was the reason why I’ve found myself at the dentist … who happens to be located in my hair salon … but that’s a different story.

Sunday, I had both crowns lift while going around in circles outside. I kept one in place with the block itself, letting it just melt as much as it was going to and the other one I used chewing gum. Yeah – it doesn’t make a lick of sense! When I got into the hotel room, while trying to drown myself in the shower, I kind of tapped them both down with the back end of my toothbrush (I’m getting too good at this) knowing that I was going to the dentist on Friday.

So … today … I was reminded to eat something and found the supply of almonds in my book-bag — which is also my carry-on — and was about ready to happy eat them … and crunched down wrong … OOWWWIEEEE!!!! The downer is that the crowns to be replaced are on lower molars on BOTH sides of my mouth.

I shake my head kind of laughing … as I go off to try to find a smoothie … hopefully not too cold!

Have a happy day!





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