A sly smile…

21 03 2009

Interesting for me has been when I’m trying to do things. I keep saying that I do them for the challenge. When Heather wrote that she was accepted into this years’ Nike Women’s Marathon because they’d done the draw off her credit card … I checked mine and laughed.

I was staring at my schedule with a little admonishing and knew I was going to have to send the “uh Dave … sir … uh … um … uh …” The hardest thing for 2009, in my opinion, isn’t getting me through the races (the healthy part might be an interesting twist …) but my adhering to my promise to not do races against Da Coach’s wishes. This means … not caving into peer pressure.

Yeah – “peer pressure”. It plays into my boredome factor. Friends going off to do local races when I’m staring at yet another long wander someplace … It’s like the Buddhist Monk saying “ah – your hardest hurdle to overcome is patience.” Yeah – I might have it in some respects …

But … I now have a somewhat fixed schedule. With any a lot of things in it and because I made that promise … I have to adhere to it. It’s time to find that patience and peace in training … because I’ve got some serious goals for myself at the end of the year and the only way to get there is one step at a time …

It’s truly been an unexpected year … I’d kind of expected myself to do better at the beginning of it (because I can power through anything) and learned the lesson that powering through is only good for short term. Base building HAS to happen and downtime is going to be forced on me whether or not I want it. I’d kind of expected not to get into the Nike, just registered to say that I did … and low and behold … I’m in …. good thing my folks live in Northern California.

I don’t have the heart to tell the dog … I’ll be in CA 10/1 -5; 10/16-19; 11/6-9 …




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