Dancin’ in the Sunshine ….

22 03 2009

don’t get me wrong – I’m still sore from being at the gym and trying to get in to those adductors … I know once I get them going, that pain is gone.

Did a little 45 minutes on a treadmill … why on a beautiful day? It’s because I’m trying to get what a 14 minute mile feels like. It feels like slow torture, by the way. Plodding, slow, “oh please Mr. Treadmill give me some hills” torture.

It’s housework listening to the BB King Blues channel on Sirius … getting a load of crap out of the car then taking the Puppy with Expanding Tush out for some sunshine …

Next week, if the weather holds, every training is outside … yeee-hawww!!! Inside for weights and such … life would be so much easier if all I had to do was write and try to glue my body back together! 🙂

Hugs and Good Vibes!


Calves on both sides aren’t exactly my friends. But




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