Yoga and strange weather

26 03 2009

I’ve been back doing my yoga dvd’s. Previously was a very friendly Yoga for Weight Loss, but it got a bit boring so I swapped over to Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Athletes since someone has been trying to cram down my neck for the last year that I am one. I firmly believe that Rodney Yee is out to kill me.

I’ve also been doing that 20 minute stretching vid that I enjoyed and my balance still is off. Probably just a lack of concentration.

My right leg is still the problem. Part of me really liked when I was ignoring things and not stopping. Stopping reminds me that there is a weakness … but I tell myself that right now it’s a weakness and soon I won’t remember it is there because it’s been corrected properly.

It’s not giving up, or giving in, it’s being finding the edge and building a deck on it. This isn’t something that comes naturally right now. It makes complete sense when I’m doing things for myself, but when I take that out of the equation, I forget the building process.

Staring out at the damp, gray of my parking lot I truly am reminding myself daily taht I’m doing the right thing. There are reasons I equate downtime and building time with death …

I must admit, I’m liking figuring these things out about myself. Explains a lot. The private notes I’ve gotten from some of you have said that these observations have lead to your own. That’s super cool.

When your internal drive is off, then it’s time to figure out why. I did the “fake it until you make it” thing in a lot of areas of my life … and in the case of my walking … it left me very injured. For some reason, which I’ll admit that I really do know, I put aside doing this for me and everything else just gets shoved in front. That puzzle piece showed up and it makes a lot of sense. Now it is up to internal strength to push through the doldrums.

Yoga, stretching, weights, 30 minutes paying attention walking, and back in the pool.




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