Steve’s Back from Italy … Congrats on 30K!!

27 03 2009

2009 is an interesting year. Steve (see his blog over –> on the links) has this nasty brittle asthma thing going on and did 30K of the 42K Rome Marathon. His goal was to get to 21K before the cut off and he did it. He kept going to 30K and took the bus back.

He stopped as he was feeling things were painful … It’s a hard choice to make, but he’s doing the Boston Marathon with Mike McB in three weeks … and between the two of these guys, I think they have maybe 1 or 1.5 working lungs total.


I’m really proud of Steve and hope to finally meet him when I’m in Alameda, California on the 30th of May … cheering me along and throwing empty inhailer tubes to keep me motivated … hahahahahhaaahhaaaa!!!!

Success isn’t always getting that finisher’s medal, or placing … sometimes it’s knowing when to stop. (remind me of this when I’m being stupid again!)




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