Is it wrong to Happy Dance when you don’t get in the drawing?? Nike.

29 03 2009

Hey Gang —

I jumped the gun … I signed up for the drawing for the Nike Women’s Marathon partly because I wanted to walk another event that my bud Heather (yeah – the same one who got me to get off my tush and exercise … she just thought I’d start running not walking). As is well known, the San Francisco Bay Area is always going to be my home turf … born there, raised in Tiburon … when Tiburon still had railroad tracks … and broke in my Nike Waffles when they built the bike pat with associated gravel/clay “running path” in … 1977 (?). Mom is learning her way around races … and looks terrific as usual as she does. So – I put in for the race.

On the 19th of March, I got a note from Heather to check my account to see if I’d had the $120 pulled for the race. There appeared to be a $120 hold or pull or whatever and I thought I was in. However, as the fates will have it, it appears that the charge isn’t on the account and I’m declined for the race.

You know — I’m just fine with that.

Of course, DMcG is probably breathing slightly easier as are a few friends concerned with the fact my October would look like: San Jose Rock and Roll 1/2 –> Nike Full Marathon the next week … then skip a week and hit the Gorilla Run (I think he’s finally just realized this is forever on my schedule) and the Two Cities 1/2 Marathon the week after that …. of course, I’m signed up for the Goofy also.

I’m breathing easier also. I was able to register for the Bolder Boulder, Gorilla Run AND the Two Cities 1/2 Marathon for the price of just the Nike Women’s Marathon.

So … maybe the Racewalk Gods are smiling on me … giving me a little breathing room to heal this leg up properly.

Next race … in a little while! It’s the Bolder Boulder … and I intend on slamming it.





2 responses

29 03 2009

You have a really full racing schedule! I’m pulling for you to get healed up so you can get back to racing!

29 03 2009

Thanks, Maryann! I’m looking forward to it also … and doing it right for a change! ๐Ÿ™‚

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