Sunday at the Tredder

29 03 2009

Sigh – such a beautiful day out. Of course, last night when Dopey here was taking Miss Bailey Boo (dog) out before going to dinner and a movie at friends’ … she slipped in the blasted ice outside the apartment! I got Bae back upstairs – using my now familiar Run-The-Register-In-Record-For-Me-Time arm pull up using the banister and the wall – and went over to my friends … who live on the second floor themselves … and their stairs are outside.


Okey Dunkles –> Since my mantra is DO NOT INJURE THYSELF … I just laughed at the thought of potentially doing a workout using the street of Cherry Creek park or anything. It was off to the Rec Center for me.

I had a few things to get accomplished – least of which included trying to figure out what I could eat as teeth still ache – and I was at the Rec Center by around 10:30 a.m. … or middle of the blasted afternoon!

It was fairly crowded, but not terrible. I did remember batteries for my CD player just in case I ended up on the treadmill. The last thing I truly could face would be the strangeness of Sunday Morning television. I did some warming up and realized there were fewer people in the tiny cardio area than on the track.

There is a treadder that I kind of like. It’s got a great spot were I can look out the window over the basketball court. I think I have kind of freaked out some of the folks playing with my slightly blank stare out the window, but whatever. Swapping out the batteries, it was 42 minutes of Skinny Bitch. I heard the rest of the disc while doing a handful of cool-down laps thereafter.

Skinny Bitch is an interesting book – and easier to have someone else read to you. I have a tendency to delve into things far too much when I’m curious … and this is kind of a fun book. However, if you’re not used to hearing “curse words” probably every 2 sentences, this isn’t the book for you. They also seriously advocate a completely vegetarian diet … and my post race craving for corned beef kind of pops me out of the running. Just because I can’t process meat well … well … that’s another story.

I’m slowly starting to like training again. Oh crap … I’ve just put it in writing … I am paying really close attention to everything because I am in this for the long haul … and picking off people in front of me one-by-one … bringing everyone along with me!

Until that time — it’s playing it safe, pushing boundaries CAREFULLY, and taking care of things … one step at a time, eh?

Hugs – Lizzy




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