An Auntie Again … Hi Ya, Mr. Luke L. Burns

31 03 2009

Hu? Wait … hu?

Ok – one of my closest friends, truly a brother who has really been there through some tough times, is Eric Burns. We’ve known one another for a rather insane 10 years or so now and he’s truly been my bud. We just laugh a lot and he’s getting me to like his beloved Southern California.

The reason I fly through LAX for Huntington Beach races is to at least hang out with Er for a smidge. This year, Ana (his lovely wife) was pretty hefty preggers. I also didn’t get to see Julianna … but he always sends along my love.

One of my temp crowns showed up on my tongue at work … not exactly where it’s supposed to be! Dr. B … my Dentist … was able to get me in, but this wasn’t really a terrific time to have this happen. I got home … a bit sore … grabbed the Dog and the Phone … and there was a photo of my new Nephew Luke … and upper damn proud Papa!

There’s a new burrito in Los Angeles … and his name is Luke L. Burns!!


My "Bro" and Nephie-poo Luke

My "Bro" and Nephie-poo Luke




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