Some Positive things on a Monday

6 04 2009

Ok – Yesterday, I started out volunteering at the City Park Rocky Mountain Road Runner’s 4 mile race. It was the second race I did last year, but I limped in toting a pair of Starbucks Travellers and the knowledge that I was going to leave to try it again at the Englewood Rec Center.

This was the first time I’d been at a race since last year and it was good to see folks really. Tom came up teasing “Hi … your name is ….” and “introduced” me to our good friend Rosalie as “Hey Rosalie – this is Lis …” Folks mentioned my rather pronounced limp and although they knew I’d been injured all last year, they were surprised to see me still limping. I think DMcG will agree with me that treadmills are dangerous to my health at this point!

I left before the race completed. I would have liked to have seen John and Janet come in, but I cheered them through the first lap. John even playfully slapped me on the tush as he walked on by! Scott was surprised to see me but always let me know that people missed my being at races. The club really needs non-running/walking volunteers to get the race going and keep it on track. At the end, usually there are enough folks to help clean up.

When I was hobbling to the car, I stopped to talk with Mike Blanchard who shared a funny story about how he DNF’d himself literally before he was DQ’d. Here’s to potties! The chat was really helpful as we talked about a variety of things.

I got home, had a snack and was off to the Englewood Rec Center.

I won’t lie … I was feeling discouraged. I guess it has a lot to do with two really good days one after the other and leading in to what would have been potentially a third if I’d been outside or on the indoor track. What is more important, is how to handle that disappointment. I promised that I would take it easy … and just stop without beating myself up. Just walk around without even attempting racewalk form if that hurts. Baby steps.

So, I got up to the track did a lap to see who was on there and it was full of folks sauntering along a couple abreast wearing their headphones. There were a few runners and then I noticed this guy wobbling back and forth. Ok – I pretty much knew what I would be going around. Second lap of warming up and things felt OK. The woman with the wobbly guy had made a comment about how it was good that he was out there. I zipped around them and agreed that he was amazing. Too many people don’t get off their asses or just hide behind their disabilities. Here was a guy who … I’ll be really honest … amazed me he could wobble around and keep standing! Turned out he’s a really neat kid (28) who was dropped on his head as a baby at his first day at a day care facility which triggered Cerebral Palsy. I’m NOT KIDDING!!! Seriously – every parent’s worst nightmare!!!!

We chatted for a little and I was warm enough to stretch. I checked in with the problem areas with my leg, but I felt better than I had all day. Maybe it’s the good vibe or something. Rory went walking on by and gave me encouragement himself … and I just smiled.

I spent a lot of time when I first was injured after the car accident believing  the pap that I was being fed. I even lived with a boyfriend for 6 years who bemoaned the fact that he was jealous of the guys who went out with me before I was “broken” even though he knew me for years before we went out. That kind of negative crap … not only physical stuff but all sorts of other things … is probably part and parcel of the luggage I’m currently carrying out of my head.

 This morning, my buddy Mike McBride sent me the following:,,20268772,00.html

Unlike many, he truly doesn’t go out of his way for publicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was set up by the publicity arm of the Boston Marathon. Great PR after he had to really work to get in the race. I think the thing that I really respect about Mike is the first thing he states is “I did this to myself … I smoked for years.” I feel really blessed to have the wide variety of friends who have accepted me … for being me … and Mike has become a really good one from pretty much the moment we met at the dinner before the 2007 Racewalking Clinic here in Denver. We all have our trials and tribulations … “crosses” to carry …

Finish homework … go to the indoor track to see if I can get at least part-way through my track work-out …




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