Behind launching forward!

7 04 2009

Ok – so we all know someday I’ll get this masters on women, sport and media handled. I want to keep it out of the “elite” realm and have it on how women weren’t supposed to be doing sports and how folks used the television to get the stay-at-home mom fit. I guess it stems from an idiot PE coach in high school being rather torqued that a skinny ice skater infultrated his weight room.

So – I’m trying to do this advertising project about sports advertising and how the “ideal” bodies are shown in every magazing and the “citizen” athlete is rarely shown except in the less glossy “health” related publications. Maybe that’s one of the things I liked about Walk! Magazine is that it showed normal people!

Anyway, as I’m trudging through trying to find documentation, I’m actually getting background information on women’s athletics …

Never know … might actually get the thing accomplished … I just tend to do things in my own order, eh?




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