Thanks for the Cool things …

8 04 2009

Ok – I’m on my “Sunday” … two days off of training … and it feels like a squirrl has deposited a walnut into my right calf …

I wanted to thank folks for sending me some cool links for their hobbies to share with others … and reminding me of some things I’ve loved in the past and would love to give a shot!

Life’s about living …





2 responses

8 04 2009

Do you know the actual cause of the walnut in your right calf? Just curious because I get one of those every time I get in to the downward facing dog position. It doesn’t interfere with my walking, stretching, etc. Only that one yoga pose.

Sorry to be a bug… Hope yours gets better soon!

9 04 2009

You’re definately not a bug!!! A bunny, maybe … 🙂
Not sure what the knot is in my calf. I’m massaging it out. I happen to love downward dogs and use that to stretch it out! hum …. Anyone out there have any thoughts????


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