10 04 2009

Limping again.

So – I went out to do my much looked forward to track work-out outside. I’ve actually gotten good at remembering to warm up as that’s my time to check in with myself. During the warm-up that I was taking very easy … calf grabbed and didn’t let go.

I went from a level 2 pain to a 5 in two easy laps. 5.5 is my stop and I was there by the next lap.

How does this make me feel? Really frustraited. Depressed. Crabby.

I know many of you have suggested I find people in Colorado to work out with. Riddle me this – if my leg isn’t stable, why should I try to work out with others where my personal work-out might be cut short by this. One person did make the observation that I should wait until my leg is stable and I’m at a decent pace because I’ll just keep trying to keep up.

Sorry for the downer mood. It’s just really getting me right now. Back indoors on the indoor track … sigh.




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