Crabby, Frustraited, Sad …

10 04 2009

Well, Hell, it happens. I’ve been told I’m incredibly patient with everyone but myself. I don’t know about that, but I know my patience with myself is wearing very thin.

I guess it’s more a matter of reminding myself to take things daily and right now there is no planning. I can’t think “Ok – I’ve got 13 miles to do tomorrow. That should take me around 3 hours” because, firstly, that thought just makes me ill and secondly because it’ll probably be closer to 3.5 not including drive time to a 1/2 way interesting place to wander. At this point, if I don’t bother to attempt racewalking, I’ll probably be faster than if I do and curry the potential of leg problems.

As long as the weather holds, I’ll be looking at going out toward Chatfield … maybe 4 miles to start on a dirt area I used to love and that has always been a bit of a challange and then the remaining mileage in a different direction … which will mean that the last mile or two will be up hill.

At least, I type hopefully, I’ll be outdoors. For all that I find the indoor track something I can handle and my liking the rec center … I know the reason why my crabbiness, frustration, sadness and depression are so close to the top … I’m indoors, breathing somewhat stale air and just bored to tears.

On the positive side, again, at least it is there.



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