I guess it shows, hu?

10 04 2009

Well – I got to my dentist and he noticed I wasn’t ‘right’. My hygienist is also my hairdresser and she thought I looked really tired and low energy. The nitrous didn’t seem to take right away, and he really wanted to make sure I was able to get good and numb for these crowns to be messed around with.

The first shot on my right side didn’t take … and he did have to go back in and add more Novocaine. The interesting thing was that I ended up numb all the way out to my ear … the feeling is just starting to come back.

I took Bailey off to the Cherry Creek Dog Park. She was pretty happy about the whole affair. It was windy and I’d already done just over 3.5 miles so it was just a saunter. The wind blew some stuff out, but I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Doctor B. wanted me to immediately check my new crowns on something hard to chew “A steak would be good” … I asked about nuts, which he said would be OK. I don’t have a steak in my freezer. A friend offered to make one for me, but he’s on the West Coast and it would be cold by the time it got here! ha!

The thing about feeling the down days is acknowledging them and knowing what they mean. For me, I know I’m just dealing with a lot of things and don’t like the pain. It’s been bringing back nightmares that just need to be dealt with.

I now understand why Mom never competed with either her running or her walking. So, that means that I’ve got to regroup and make things right.

Tomorrow – 13 or 14 miles … let’s give it a whirl again!




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