Woke up to Truly My Weather …

11 04 2009

As we all know, I’m a native San Franciscian … not of the area, but born there. Although I suck in the cold, I have a thing for fog or overcast that lies like a blanket.

I woke up this morning to level 5 pain on the calf and hovering in 3 behind the knee … crap. A quick look out the window got me wondering if it was snowing … nope.

Coffee timer pinged in the kitchen and I waded (yes waded … I only got about 1/2 way through the projects I wanted to get done and they’re out until I get my act together to get them complete) through the house when my eyes strayed through the sliding glass door leading to the balcony.

Quick fill of the coffee cup … and standing out there … it looked like that Ewok scene in Star Wars (numbering dependent on which you call the first one) when the redwood trees of Northern California are covered in fog … I mean Ewok land or whatever it is.

My balcony faces west … so sipping my coffee, trying to stretch out my right leg on the balcony I just smiled … I’ve got to get these 14 miles in today for me. I’ve been pretty crabby about not being able to get anything done. It’s for me. I tipped my coffee cup to The Chef (who was probably already up for a catering gig today) and toddled in to fire off an e-mail.

Surprisingly, The Chef was on line and jamming. I love my friends who truly do what their heart has always called them to do. He said he’s got 3 hours of prep etc for this event today. I laughed and said in about an hour I had 14 miles of easy walking – about 3 hours! A word that I rock and to be good … sigh.

With not being able to really chew for the last couple of weeks, I know my eating has been kind of a mess. I toddled back into the kitchen … pre-race oatmeal, snacks, and filling the new hydration thing I’m going to try out today.

Long walks always make me feel so much better … and when it’s in my weather … let’s see what happens!




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