A Post from Coach Bailey-Boo! 45 minutes in the wind

12 04 2009

As the 4-pawed, furry, local babysitter/coach of Miss Lizzy, I have decided that whenever the 2-pawed, probably-not-so-furry, not local coach of said same puts “45 minutes easy” on her schedule, it’s all about me. I also get the funky sprint ones right before races, but she’s not usually in town.

Today it’s looking like snow, so I had to make sure Herself was properly bundled up. I glared at her until she put some of that Body Glide on her paws and a band-aid on that icky blood blister. Personally, I don’t understand why it takes humans so long to get going, but I just sit on the bed trying to be patient.

We’ve decided that Herself is going to keep using that Nathan backpack for a bit. It’s a little more weight, but at least she’s got everything there … but we have to put poopie bags in it when we’re going to the dog park. Because it’s still overcast, I suggested we go to the Cherry Creek Dog Park, she did nix that idea for Chatfield where she can go around on the asphalt. I guess she wanted to check something else out when she said “Hey, Bae, why not Chatfield?”

I, happily, made sure I peed on the sidewalk outside the house for the drive. I figured we were going to the Chatfield Dog Park. They’ve raised the fines for people off leashes, and Lizzy hates being on a leash (runs in the family, hu?) so she’s always looking for places I can observe her training while not having to have her on a leash.

Little did I know when I hopped in the stuffed car that she was going to the top of the dam where she does those funky sprint things. I think she wanted reasonably flat, I’m not sure at all. I just know that I thought we were going to get blown off the damn thing going back and forth! Then we got kind of spat on by the clouds trying to figure out what they wanted to do.

The beautiful thing about being The Coach Miss Bailey Boo is that I *don’t* have to keep up with her! Today, I just wasn’t wanting to. I enjoy being out and all that, but it’s been a long winter and such and I’m a smidge out of shape.

I’d have to say that the 2-pawed version will be happy to know that the wind kept Dizzy slower than she probably would have gone therefore her legs didn’t start to hurt much. Yippy Skip!

So: 45 minutes … 3.4 miles … loads of crosswind. Ok … not extremely painful for her but I’m wobbling.

We’re back here … and it appears after a snack, I’m having the indignity of a bath! HERUMPH — however, I guess it’s loads better than having Gatorade dumped on my head!

Until Later – it’s Two Paws Up!

Miss Bailey Boop Doo-Wop, Princess of the Universe




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