And now for something completely different: Save Some For Me – Debut Release Sparks Fly, Northern Ireland

13 04 2009

Ok – I got what I needed to done …. and started to calm myself down with the EP from a band from Northern Ireland.

     Ok – Yes I *do* love this band … and that means I will listen to the music harder and more critically simply because … well … that’s the way I am. Be it a restaurant, book or music (especially music), I’ll support my friends always ….

     This all being said …

     WHY IS THIS ONLY AN EP?!!! I’m completely addicted to these guys! Three tunes and I’m hooked?! What’s happening to me?

     I’ve mentioned Sparks Fly earlier on this and my other blog. The story is that I found them completely by accident. I heard, I believe it was Chasing the Sun and my head cocked sideways. Wow … amazing harmonies … Of course, this meant that I truly believed that the band was out of existence or was a figment of my imagination …

     Nope. Just a group of guys in Belfast … Ireland. Well – that just sucks catching them live, now doesn’t it?

     So – I did the next best thing. Bought the EP (my bad, called it LP) on line and opened a dialog with Rory and Chris who are very real and genuine guys. Another breath of fresh air … or maybe I’m just used to the plastic American music industry.

    The Boys signed the jacket and it was popped on it’s long journey across the pond. It took forever, but not on their end. I trust the Denver Post Office about as far as I can throw it. A package sent from Puerto Rico in January showed up at the same time!

    ENOUGH – time for a review, hu?

    I’d used the downloads and listened to the three main tunes (Save Some For Me, Start It Again and Chasing The Sun) on a variety of speaker sets. I simply couldn’t believe that I was listening to new music that was so well crafted. The problem with a lot of music created in the digital age, the warmth is gone and you’ve got to catch it live to potentially have it restored.

    So … here I finally have my disc! I’ve not waited for something in the mail this much since I was a kid! Three song EP with the cover signed by the Boys in the Band. I smiled as I slid Save Some For Me out of the cover. It was pressed on a disc that looks like a record. Ok – call me a sucker, but I love that kind of stuff.

     As I was waiting for the disc to load, I marveled at the cover art. Very simple. I loved playing eye-spy with what there was … I think the only thing missing was a reel-to-reel and 8-trac, but I don’t think 8-tracs were popular in Ireland. Never know.

     Clear, crisp, and delightful. Even through not terrible computer speakers.

     Next test was playing it in a studio through a beautiful set of studio monitors. I popped in the disc and wondered what was going to happen. A friend of mine whose ears I respect just as much as he respects mine came through as he was setting up the studio space for tracking in the other room. I walked out for a moment to use the ladies and when I got back to the space, Save Som For Me was literally floating through the studio.

     “Lizzy – who are these guys and where were they tracked???” I just smiled!

     Chasing the Sun, with the various elements, separate but clearly blended. We both agreed that it was like listening to an old album.

     “Just wait …” I smiled knowingly. Harmony time. I’d never seen Dave just fall over into a chair. Spinning the wheel on the player to set the repeat on the harmony sections … “Damn, that’s tight!” I just smiled. He’s engineered some of the tightest harmonies and had to fudge some that would completely suck otherwise!

    Bailey happily trotted behind me as we went in to set some mics. The little three song EP was floating through the space on the monitors in there. Wow … filled the room cleanly.

    What the hell are these guys like in concert when things are comfortably messy? I’ve heard bits and pieces on line, but I’m truly looking forward to their next EP.

     I have now taken the EP to a handful of pubs and played their myspace site … I’ve also had to make darned sure I leave with my copy.

     The big test for me is that the tunes remind me of the drive on the California Coast off of Mount Tam where all the car ads are done or down the coast around Pacifica.

     In these days of free downloads and my wanting to lower the amount of stuff I’ve got … I’m going to keep figuring the Euro/Dollar exchange rate and buy their discs. As anyone who knows me knows, I’m a big supporter of local music … if it’s good! These young men in Belfast have their act together … it’s worth the listen … AND it’s worth paying for too!




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