Random Neural Firings … Tuesday

14 04 2009

One of those special days where I just wonder about so many things at once and just wish to go out and take a long walk.

I’m tired. I got that paper done about advertising in sports magazine and making some linkages to medical problems. It’s  OK … could be a lot better. I finally really started to get in to it and it needs a couple more re-writes, but the real problem is that I was having problems finding “academic” writings on the topic. I found some, but I’d gotten myself hung out to dry off the edge of a technical cord when I was writing about the problems with personal stereos and racing … understanding dB is important to getting how little the music has to be up to start hearing damage. Sorry … just my belief.

So – I’m far from proud of this paper. I have some really honed beliefs, but I just had some problems finding the proper documentation. The link that my prof was interested in was by looking at the perfect bodies in the magazines “normal” people not wanting to even start exercising. The closest I got was using my SRJC prof’s book on male images … not “professional” by the “academic” standards, but it was drawn from his own master’s thesis.

I think the thing that really gets me is that I truly never learned how to write. I’ve been told I’m a good one … but after the couple of head injuries, my writing has gotten a little harder to follow … brain waves moving faster than fingers.

I’m starting to feel like Dr. Doolittle’s Lunar Moth — Looks at the moon while standing on Earth and finds it interesting so flies off. Once it gets there, it’s attracted by the light of the Earth and flies back.

I spent yesterday trying to cobble together parts of this paper. It was long in parts and short in others. I have no real clue as to how it’s pulled together … I did have to re-type the bloody hell thing because it didn’t save properly … a lot of re-writing at that time too.

Maybe I should do this in bullet points.

I leave for SF a week from Thursday (?). Mom’ll be leaving for Flordia the same day. We won’t even be passing in the airport going or coming. I wonder if it’s because California can’t handle both Mom and me in the state at the same time! She’s asked me not to go to the new science museum in The Park until I come back in May. Ok. I want to float about the Park on Sunday while I’m there. Should be fun if the weather is nice. They still close it off, I think. I’m sure, however, if I rent a pair of rollar skates and see if I can still rollar disco, Dave’ll kill me with “LIZZY ROLLAR SKATING IS NOT YOUR SPORT!” and he’d be right!

When I’m this floaty tired, I actually find myself at my most creative. I just come up with writing ideas and where I want to go with them. I would love to go and just start working on them instead of going to class tonight. It’s nothing really against the class, I’m just feeling that.

Drama is floating about. I stepped in some of it … it isn’t anything really and it’ll be resolved on anothers’ terms … personally, sleeping dogs … but some folks don’t get that sometimes air clears just by opening the window and letting it float away.

An old boyfriend of mine once didn’t understand how I could spend so much time alone because “Lis, you need your people” … he was the “loner” of the two of us. To the best of my knowledge he now has a group of people he’s not separated from and I spend an inordinate amount of time alone.

I can’t figure out how I’ve got so much laundry … but there you have it … Bailey … grab the wash-tub!

I did have to laugh with a friend of mine in the SF Bay Area … we’ve not seen each other in probably 26 years but he commented that we’ve made up for the lost time because I’m constantly on Facebook … sigh … it is how I’ve been keeping in contact with folks and gleaning ideas. The truly interesting thing is that I’ve found that I’m truly a Bay Area girl because of it.

Denver is fine … I’ve truly not gone searching about. It surprises me here and there. I went to a museum with a friend (from Northern California of course) who loves art decco as much as I do. The funny thing is that I’ve been meaning to go to the museum but never really found anyone interested in going with me. I’m really thankful for Jon mentioning it … how have Jon and I resumed our friendship … Facebook … go fig!

I’ve got to wander Denver more this summer. The problem I’ve found is that I love quirky and I’ve only found little pockets of it as it’s getting plasticked over (yeah – my own word).

I love nature, of course, but the car won’t make it out too far. I’ve got to take care of things … get ducks in a row … to be able to have a car that makes it for a smidge longer.

I know why I’m swirrling about in my head … I’m ready for a change.

I’d prefer to go to the track or even the indoor gym than go to class.





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