Soaking Sopping 4.5 miles

17 04 2009

Well … I’d have to say that was kind of stupid … not exactly along the lines of doing the Goofy injured, but damn close!

As I think I babbled yesterday, I was irritated because I’d missed 2 track work-outs, but sometimes life is just that way. Today, I was unsure if I was going to get any mileage in and I really needed to clear my head out and just walk.

It was raining and yukky, but there was about an hour and a half where it wasn’t terrible. I put on shoes with a decent amount of tread and walked, slipped, slid, “racewalked” and wobbled through an hour. It didn’t feel terrific and I probably hurt more after simply because it was unstable, but I did get my head cleared out a smidge!

Off my balcony. 3:30 p.m.

Off my balcony. 3:30 p.m.

 I really needed the head clear out after the last few days.  I guess I’m clearing out a lot of things in order to handle CA for the weekend and motor forward. Something just tells me that I’m ready to off-load and I learned a few really good things. My evening yesterday had me re-parcing some things that had happened a couple of years ago and they really made sense. I think they could have truly been handled better because I didn’t really learn what I needed to. I have no real clue as to what the others learned, but that’s none of my concern. It’s like the Universe took a different direction … and this time it worked. I am closing the door and walking to the next phase … a little wiser than before … and a heck of a lot more wary. It’ll settle out at some point, I’m sure.

So, I started going through the piles of piles of PILES. I’ve still got *hours* to do, but I think I also needed the reconnect time with a couple of friends … and they let me care about them, which was really nice after what I was parcing through. New phases …

Then it started to pour. It had been fat, wet snowflakes but they changed over to rain. Either way, I’m kind of spiked with my car as it’s not really good to drive in either weather. Snow, of course, is worse because it sticks on the back window and I don’t have a defrost anymore. More reasons to get my life sorted.

I toddled out with my phone (I *need* to get a digital camera someday) to the pond just off the left corner of the balcony. I’ve not had many folks over here, but there’s this huge beautiful pine tree right in front and I oversee the mountains … yeah … there are things that keep me in my cat-bird apartment in Denver … The above photo is the cherry (?) or plum (?) tree on the left and pine tree on the right. The leasing company actually started the “fountains” in the ponds which was their annual mistake. Maybe trying to get the crayfish awake or something.

I did some things and crawled into the bath to warm up. The lights were flickering and I could hear a snowplow scraping about in the parking lot. “Loads of good that’ll do.” I commented to Bailey (who was curled up like a little deer on my bed … she only does that when I’m not in it. Only time she was really “cuddly” was when she slicked her leg apart and was on pain killers. I think she needed to know I wasn’t going anywhere … never!)

Same spot off the balcony ... 7 p.m.

Same spot off the balcony ... 7 p.m.

In a towel, I took another look off the balcony at 7:00 p.m. Mountain time. I was amazed! The pine tree was loaded with heavy snow. Bailey, who does like snow, has had no interest in going out in it. Too wet! I’m wondering how much lnger this is going on! As I say, I’m not going to be stupid about my health, so if it’s not right, I’ll do a little walk, but nothing that will cause the potential of problems! I’m also out of baby aspirin, which has been working for the pain!

I’m thinking about Patti and Happy K, Mike Mc and Steve who are all getting ready to do the Boston Marathon. I think Patti K. is the only healthy one of the group!! Happy did something to his arm and is barely out of a sling after surgery. Steve and Mike Mc have their lungs that just are just no fun at all: Steve with brittle asthma and Mike with CoPD. They’re staring early with the other “Disabled” Athletes. I don’t know when Kerry Kuck (blind) is starting. Wow – it’s a big field … and I’m here snowbound trying to spend a year learning how to keep myself from going insane and the positive aspects of properly training.

So … Take it easy from the land of completely confused weather!





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