Uh … no! Not going out in this

18 04 2009

Ok – call me a fair-weather-walker, but I am not going out in this slop! Sometimes I wonder about my dedication because I know there are those who won’t let anything get in their way. I have been in that mode … and honestly if I knew I could get to a decent indoor place to work out, I’d be in the car getting there … but I’ve had maybe one too many near accidents over the last couple of months to be concerned. As a buddy of mine put it, the reason I didn’t find myself injured in any of the “near misses” comes from my having some defensive driving and such. I think it’s because I’ve got a guardian angel who is bound and determined not to let me die …

I really don’t mind the weather when it comes down to it. I’ve got things to do in the apartment. I’m in the midst of a seires of huge “purges”. In order to let new things in or the return of things whihc I’d put on hold for decades, I have to have the room for them. I laugh at myself sometimes because for a single person, I’ve got a lot of stuff. It’s a great chapter in “The Book” that friends love when I go on the “stuff rampage” rapid fire patter!

I’ve moved so many times, one would *think* that I would not have this much stuff, but I think part of the reason why is that I’ve collected so many things is simply because of the losses over the years. Many other things too, but that’s a biggie.

I stare in my closet at the 10 pairs of slicks stacked neatly in the shoe rack. Yes 10 pairs. The soles are mostly gone on the bottom-most pairs and the top-most were either donated or purchsed. For a time, I was being very cautious of the amount of hours on the soles but for some reason, I’ve still got the shoes. Next to them are pairs of shoes that most wouldn’t associate with me and at the top of the closet in my bedroom are heels and boots … enough to last me a lifetime. Wow … I can truly see how things have changed over 5 years. Even after I donate the “cheaper” shoes, I’m still going to be a-wash in better quality ones.

Where is this free-floating post going? I have no clue! I guess it is my way of getting a fire lit under my tush to get going.

Hugs – Lizzy




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