Sun is out – taking it easy … and the Boston Merrython

19 04 2009

Yeah – the sun shocked the heck out of me this morning. I didn’t get to sleep until around 3 a.m. – reading – so it was really strange. It’s a sloppy mess here. Ok – those who are probalby far more dedicated than I are able to go out in this, but I took it easy. Coming down the stairs at a friend’s last night, I felt a nasty twinge behind my knee … Sometimes I liked it better when I was hell-bent-for-leather, but that’s not going to keep me around for a while, eh what?

Mike Mc and Steve G. are two pals who are out there proving they are not letting their lungs keep them down. Steve’s had brittle asthma, I think, for his life. He’s probably broken more ground than most just because of his drive. I’ve not had the privledge to meet him personally (YET) but if you happen to see a guy carrying more inhailers than the law allows … that’s probably Steve! Mike Mc knows that he “did it to himself” and is making every moment count … being an amazing friend/brother/uncle to freaks like me and, more importantly, grandpa. He got the clearance from his doc (who will be there, I think) to race and then went through so much red-tape that I thought he was going to be mummified! Determination and “waddya mean I can’t use my cart I’ve used in huge events … it’s where I carry my air!!”

Yeah, Mike totes his air. He knows that even with the wonkiness which is my leg, I would have been out there carrying his back-up backpack of air if they told him he had to go that route. That’s what this guy means to me. I’d probably have pockets stuffed with stuff for Steve too … and now that my running friend Happy is winged (he had to have surgery on his arm after a bike accident last month) … I’d probably do the race in a nurse’s uniform!

Another friend of mine who is blind is doing the event. It is a huge endeavor, but for other “mobility impaired” athletes, there are rules: but for air issues, groundbreaking time! I know that people have “garden variety” asthma … myself included … and carry inhalers (which my doc would be a lot happier if I would) because when I was working the chutes at the Bolder Boulder, people were taking puffs or carrying them as they crossed the line. Steve’s asthma is FAR from “garden variety”. I recall something about his not having everything he needed for the Portland Marathon a couple of years ago and scrambling.

I am very serious, however, about Mike’s air buggy. The jalopy is toted by him and, yeah, it sticks out but he’s pretty freaking amazing maneuvering it. I will admit he did run over my foot once but it was either we were turning around because I’d taken us down a wrong road or I got too close … either way it wasn’t the cart’s fault. People, however, have to pay attention. (I’m fingering my soap box about wearing headphones in a race and crawling in to the music to the obscuring of everyone around … but I’ll just leave it in the corner.)

Mike’s been great with me and my frustration with getting healthy vs. racing my sneakers off. I’m looking forward to figuring out places where we can both walk … ok – my distance covered will probably be more simply because of our speed difference, but that’s cool.

As long as Denver keeps drying out, I’m waking up early to just log easy miles. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t use the areas right nearby for a lot of reasons; most of which make no sense to anyone but me. I like being away and having the time to myself. I must admit, however, that I’m looking forward to crazy weather being over so I can set a schedule to do my workouts.

Off to take care of another pile of things … even though it doesn’t feel like I’m moving forward … like the problem I’ve had with my slow speeds walking as opposed to when I used to run … every step counts … just sometimes takes a while to realize it.

Cheers – Lizzy




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