Boston Merrython – 2 friends with 1.6 decent lungs between them

20 04 2009

I love when I can do this …

Hello everyone –


Everyone has things they want to do. Readers of Walk! Magazine know of two friends of mine with serious lung ailments: Mike McBride and Steve Gaudet. Today they’ve done it again ….


Mike’s times:

21555 Michael A. McBride 55 …. Toting an 80 pound cart of air

5K     0:48:30

10K   1:36:56

15K   2:27:32

20K   3:18:07

1/2   3:29:04

25K   4:12:15

30K   5:06:57

35K   6:07:20

40K   7:05:21


Overall: 22849

Gender: 13547

Division: 1064

Pace: 0:17:14


Steve’s times:


21557   Stephen Gaudet 54 Crocket California toting a pocket full of inhalers

5K     0:48:28

10K   1:36:51

15K   2:27:28

20K   3:18:03

1/2   3:29:02

25K   4:12:51

30K   5:09:13

35K   6:07:12

40K   7:05:19


Overall: 22849

Gender: 13547

Division: 1064

Pace: 0:17:14


Mike lives here in Colorado and totes bottles of air in a cart of his own design. Cameron deserves a huge hug for getting the oxygen to him when he needed it.

Steve lives in the SF Bay Area (and I’m looking forward to meeting him either this or next trip there) and carries more inhalers than the law allows!


I just got off the phone with Mike … he sounds Terrific! He and Steve crossed the line together, which ROCKS! Room service had just arrived!


Mike also said there were some really terrific folks that were assigned to him that rocked also. He mentioned that because of their times, both he and Steve qualify for next year … I think this might be a one-shot deal!


I’m so proud I am going to the track!


Love – Lizzy




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