Monday, Monday …

20 04 2009

Well … I planned on a nice long walk today until I woke up and had shooting pains going up and down the left side of my back. About mid-back is where it feels like someone has adhered tape and really pulled tight. I think I commented on how sometimes I wish I wasn’t interested in healing just moving forward, but so be it.

The pain is a remnant of the car accident. Yeah – all those years ago. Even with all the chiropractic and such, it’s never completely gone away. It was explained to me that I would probably feel something for the remainder of my life … and I was just 24 at the time.

So – it’s getting the remainder of things done here, more stretching, some homework and maybe a little track time to see if walking will stretch it out. Doesn’t usually, but I’m not going to put myself into a 14 miler with both right leg and left back in trouble.

A friend of mine laughed at me because I put my injuries on this site. “Lizzy, you’re giving 411 to competition to see you’re weaknesses.” What competition? I’m not competing against anyone but myself. The thoughts that I’m competing against others is what gets me in trouble!

Been thinking about a lot of things. Kind of surprised how people met in grammar school and still held those friendships tight through to present. I’m wondering what it is like.




2 responses

20 04 2009
Holly Lockwood

lizzy you are a inspiration. You have to write for our magazine please. Holly

21 04 2009

Hey Holly –
Me … uh … um … ok … we need to chat, hu? 🙂

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