Slowly getting the building blocks of triaining with a sore back.

21 04 2009

The thing about growing older is that no matter what you end up with some injuries. Blind runner and friend of mine Kerry Kuck didn’t make it to the start line for the Boston Marathon because he cracked his heel right before on a 5 miler. I spent the majority of last season walking through injuries and illness. Then I wake up to back pain on Monday …

The back thing is actually pretty familiar and I’m thinking it’s just stress that I’ve got to get dealt with. I’ll carefully stretch it out. It’s just a little reminder that things are really intertwined in life. Last year, I just kept pushing so hard so fast forward that I didn’t really pay attention to what was going on. Now, I’ve stopped and turned around … oofaahhh!!!

I’m starting to understand the process of training and what it really means. I guess Dave uses the analogy of a bank account or something … I’m not sure. What I had gotten so used to in my life was just a bunch of short goals because of uncertainty. When I was skating, I wasn’t dealing with several months between events and building up between them. I kept myself competing steadily once I started. I started as a teenager, so I wasn’t going to be going to the huge competitions. The first step, however, was going through the ISIA (Ice Skating Institute of America) patch program. I had taken group lessons to learn the basics. Raydine’s Ice Arena in Corte Madera had group freestyle lessons until, I think, Freestyle 5. That’s when you really needed to be in private lessons to get the jumps, spins and footwork down. The hardest part of testing to earn the patch was when I had to do my routines during open skating periods. I was nervous enough but having to deal with regular skaters … no fun. I had to do it a couple of times because that was the only time it could be done. Once I joined the Marin Figure Skating Club, I was able to test on club nights, but I was more a bundle of nerves because I was forever a beginner compared to these kids who spent most of their time in the rink … starting in single digits! Once I discovered theatre competitions … I was really in love! I could take whatever the allotted amount of time, choose music and try to pull together costuming. I should have stuck with Mr. Turner, but what are you going to do, hu? He was probably the best skating coach I ever had … I learned so much from him … and it’s funny that I actually use some of the things today with my walking that I learned from Mr. Turner. Anyway, once I started theatres, it wasn’t just one program to be learned but several. I changed coaches because I could do more events … instead of really getting it down. My last year, when I had a truly disastrous coaching situation, I remember hearing him in my ears saying “keep warming up properly. Always warm up. Get one part of the maneuver down, then build on it. Practice is all about building on and securing each step, not flying through. That’s where injuries come from.” I was really good about warming up … but it’s taken a while to learn the rest of it.

This twinge has not moved to both sides of my back. The left makes sense, the right is overcompensating. Sigh. Just making me do some things I’d just prefer not to. I’m having to miss work to try to get it worked on, but I am a student employee and I do have to make it to class. They owe me hours anyway. This kind of stress twinges my back. My mess of finances really causes a lot of stress and I’ve got to juggle some things around to get a good handle on stuff. This might mean curtailing things – but I know that I need to keep getting my schedule written for me because I just am not up to that! Maybe drop to the bronze level for a few months …

So – with the snow, I didn’t get my training in. Sure, you can say “Shep – it’s just walking …” or whatever, but it’s a priority to me. Anyone who thinks I’m stressing myself out with the priority doesn’t really get how I’m wired. I’m irritated because this is something I do for me and I’m somewhat sidelined.

I’m sidelined to learn something … spike it through my thick skull. Like last year was the year to start getting my head spiked on straight, this is really listening to the body to get things right. It all works together.

I’m slightly concerned with my not being psyched for events coming up, but I push that out of my mind. I’ve got things to complete before then … and if I’m still feeling “non-plussed” a week out, I’ll start to wonder.

Off to the shower … really intersted in that skating memory … it’s making sense, though!




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