First Day in Tiburon … The cat loves me!

24 04 2009

Well – I nearly froze my first night in Tiburon. My folks’ house has always been a bit cold … just the nature of things … and, being that it’s in the SF Bay Area, a bit damp due to that. Maybe that’s why I have no problem adding on sweaters or whatever. I did realize that I’d forgotten to pack a few things – but really no worries.

Chloe, the new cat, was supposed to be some skittish kitty, but we are getting along fine. In fact, instead of being put in the playroom (far end of the house) for the night, I suggested she hang out with me. I found a three inch thick book on Dickens and we made it through a bit of it. She’s now purring away in my lap. Can’t quite figure out why they had problems finding her.

I hit the track across the street at Del Mar yesterday. It’s a new construct. Those of us who suffered through twisted ankles and knees and sprained whatnot trying to dodge the ruts in the old field during track and cross country practice … well … dang aren’t kids spoiled? The problem was that there were Little League baseball games going on and the track was just strange. I guess I’ll look at it again after I get back from SF.

I’m looking forward to walking a few miles this afternoon. The temperature has really dumped, but last time I did any training here it was pouring rain, so I’ll be fine.

Off … More later …



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