Another promise to catch up …

4 05 2009

Hey folks –
Ok … another promise to catch up. I was the passenger in a hit/run accident yesterday. Not a great set of circumstances, but I’m happy to state that my poor right leg did *not* get injured in the whole thing.

General Fast Answers:
1. No, it was not my car. I was not driving.
2. Yes, sadly my friend was yammering on the phone in her hand and not on an earpiece (liking that manditory CA law more and more daily).
3. Yes, I did see the car coming and No, I didn’t say anything because she freaks out when anyone says anything about her driving.
4. Yes cops were contacted but well after the fact. I did write out what I could remember and give it to her. The real issue is that I have a feeling that the driver of the other car was probably not all on the “up-and-up” and my friend was yammering on the phone and not really paying attention when she nosed in to traffic.
5. No I didn’t go to the doc. I konked the side of my head, but there doesn’t appear to be any damage. I got in an epsom salt bath when I got home.
6. Yes I *did* contact a friend immediately! Wow! Old cat, new tricks! What I didn’t expect was that he drove over when he was out doing errands and checked in on me.

Upshot: I’ve got a slight residual headache. Calf still playing the games it was before, so nothing new there. I actually *told* someone I hurt! Yeah – I guess Disney taught me that people really do care.

I shall have the Visit to Cali on here soon … yup … and I’ll poison your eyes with me in a cheerleading outfit!!!!


Love to you all – Lizzy




4 responses

4 05 2009

so sorry about your accident 😦 😦 😦 and I hope you are feeling better really soon!

11 05 2009

promises, promises…no really, this time for sure…

15 05 2009

What’s wrong Lizzy? Get on the ball and give us a freakin’ update already! I’m worried about your head and wondering if you’re soaking in enough Epsom salts!

Feel better soon, home girl.

19 05 2009

You guys ROCK … It’s been a smidge crazy … I’m down to the Redwood Update!

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