Guess What — I’m out of Epsom Salts!

19 05 2009

I tried to tell myself if I was out of Epsom Salts, I was no-longer injured … but that didn’t go over well when I tried my track work-out yesterday. I don’t think I ever would have believed myself to say this, but I’m sick of baths right now!

Saturday, I tried to get up to speed on my “long” day and was able to stop myself before I got too stupid. I got down to a 12:30 minute mile … which is considered good for this year (barf-o) but nothing felt right. I pushed a little longer and found myself reaching for pain meds.

Yeah … me.

I’d so had it. My friends were toting oxygen during the Colfax 1/2 Marathon, and I couldn’t handle a damn short work-out. What the hell is wrong with me?

I’ve attracted what I’ve decided are going to be the end of stupid incidents. I’ve truly done my best not to let them get me … using them to my advantage … but so many things have worn at me that I’m a bit frayed around the edges.

Stuff happens. I can only roll with so much of it.

So – I’m just going to keep stretching and doing things slowly. Stretching usually is a snap for the formerly limber me, but 2009 has brought a return to the decidedly UN-LIMBER Lizzy …. of the car accident and years of inactivity.

For all of you who are not very limber, this is the time to give me payback … but you’ve got to get on the floor and do the stretches with me … because although payback is a bitch … I’m Lizzy!





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