Revenge of the Teeth …

19 05 2009

Ah … Story time, Kids.

Way back a very long time ago … when I used to drink really bad beer by the pitcher and Round Table Pizza (because it was where the fire crew would congregate … and we got it free) by the large-sized-pie-full … I worked building trails and was a part of a wildland fire crew –> yes, those nutters who go IN to forest fires to fight them when everyone sane is LEAVING.

I learned back then that nicotine would keep me awake, but the thought of smoking didn’t do much for me … and smoking on a fire line was a no-no … so one of my fire partners (who was the one to give me the heads up to wintergreen/nicotine wake-up calls) suggested Skol Bandits. They’re chewing tobacco in little pouches. Not quite as disgusting as chewing tobacco, but kind of did the trick … I did find that a couple of those chewy honey “cough” drops after they’d been left to get hard worked better … the sugar probably.  I did learn a fairly useful skill —

How to spit.

I’m fairly out of practice, but unless I’m coughing up a mouthful of phglem during a race, I can usually spit pretty well. Right now it’s important as my mouth is filling up as I type.


Well – part of the reason I’m able to somewhat catch up on the Blog ‘o’ Lizzy is that I’m in mouth pain again. SHEESH!!!

I wrote a friend of mine and said that the hardest part of getting my life together is actually getting myself back to that starting plateau: financially, academically, health and well-being wise. As my leg was forcing me to take some down time, I had those two crowns done. It’s been special. I really wouldn’t recommend having two done at once, especially if they’re on opposite sides of your mouth. The reason being is that if both hurt, you’re not eating … and with me, we know what happens then …

Lizzy doesn’t eat –> Lizzy gets depressed –> Lizzy tries to work out or race –> Lizzy hurts herself –> Lizzy gets depressed … wash, rinse, repeat.


Fortunately, the left side (which was the worst of the two) actually straightened out pretty nicely. I have a tendency to stuff shock blocks in my left cheek, so this was pretty important. It was that left crown that caused me to go to the dentist in the first place as it was coming loose and I could tell with the blocks. The right was a bit more tricky. I’ve got really tight teeth that I like an awful lot, so does my dentist! When he got the permanent crowns back from the lab, he was really dissatisfied with the one for the right. He’d done work on it then popped it in and drilled some more. It just didn’t feel quite right and I’d been in to try to get it right. The thing I like about Dr. B is that he’s an older gentleman from Grand Rapids. He isn’t going to BS anything. He wasn’t happy and said if it continued, we were going to pull it and replace it — his cost, of course. Now, he’d already cut me a break on both of them because he knows my finances have kept me from coming in … but when your hairdresser is now his hygienist … and he checks my teeth when I’m having my hair done …


I went in today to find out if we could push off the replacement until I got back from CA. Yes, it has been bugging me but doing the Bolder Boulder 10K followed by the See Jane Run Champagne and Chocolate 1/2 Marathon in California with a temporary crown simply adds to my concerns instead of alleviating them.


Needless to say, I’m recovering from Nitrous Oxide and Novocaine. The tooth is starting to come back to live and it HURTS LIKE HELL! Maybe it’ll take the pain away from my knee! 🙂

The downer is that it’s causing my mouth to really water. If this isn’t straight by Thursday morning, I’ll be going back in to have the temp re-done … again.

I was finally starting to see the end of the tunnel of poopy training … and now I’m spitting in a coffee cup typing out blog entries.

At least I’ve got a sense of humor!




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