Pre Bolder Boulder … Bunny getting hoppy …

22 05 2009

Stretching WCROk – I love this photo! I hope to be able to stretch again this deep! Never know! Right now, however, I’m starting to get a better understanding for my not-so-limber friends.

Monday is the Bolder Boulder. The first year I did it, I was leaving the following weekend to do the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon with Sheila S. and Heather J. (runners both) I remember I’d signed up with Denver Fit because I noticed after the Running Of The Green that there was a ‘training’ program for walkers here in Denver that would get people prepped for the Colfax Marathon – or Half Marathon. When I started the program, they thought I was nuts to do the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It was going to be my second marathon and I wanted to do it. Hu? Why Nuts?

INTERESTING … FLASH … I’m seeing a leg issue!!!! They had a chiropractor as a part of the Denver Fit and I was having some problems with my LEFT leg. He told me that I since I’m insisting on doing the Bolder Boulder (I was doing it for St. Jude’s Hospital), I should go no faster than 15 minute miles. Then the same for the San Diego race.

So – I remembered with the Bolder Boulder, I kept TELLING MYSELF that I had to slow the heck down because I was having problems keeping it down to 15 minute miles. I just said “screw it” and experienced the thing. The San Diego race was really hard for me – but I think it had a lot more to do with not training well, head in a strange space, not sleeping well the days going in and travelling than anything. I don’t remember. I do remember getting to the San Diego airport the next day not feeling like I’d raced at all and running in to a super cute guy while checking in who said “Hey – weren’t you in a maroon singlet for St. Jude’s?” I was kind of shocked, but it appeared that his cousin was a patient there. Smile.

Last year’s Bolder Boulder came after probably too many in-pain races. In fact, I’d done the Colfax 1/2 Marathon –> Dave’s Clinic –> Bolder Boulder. I was injured and Dave probably sprouted a few gray hairs out of frustration trying to keep me ‘in line’. Post Colfax found me resting my left leg on the ice.  Maybe it’s just been too long depending on the right that it’s acting up. All I know is that I’m determined only to see ice floating in a mbolder boulderargarita or as a preventative!

2009 Race: I picked up my packet from Runner’s Roost on Colorado Blvd on Wednesday and toodled up to Boulder because they finally had a tech shirt that wasn’t completely RUN based. Usually it’s “Born to Run” stuff … This year had a fun reference to the fact that there are like 55,000 people “following you”. Unfortunately, the words “Run like there are 50,000 people following you” starts with the word run


When I registered, I ordered the long sleeved shirt to send to a running Team In Training coach I have met for the last couple of years at Disney. He lives in Puerto Rico. He sent a t-shirt from his group last February and I didn’t get to the package until a month ago. I’m hoping he doesn’t get upset with how long my thank you is taking. Anyway, at Disney, after starting out a bit cold, I was in my standard over-heat. My friend was wearing all his warm weather clothes and still cold in the bloody hell heat of the end of the race! I wanted to pass out just looking at him!!  I thought the long sleeved shirt for the Bolder Boulder would be cool for him – especially since Puerto Rico usually does pretty well in the elite class, I think … could be wrong here. Anyway – since I was going to end up with another shirt, I figured I’d send it to a friend.

bolder boulder 2009I started feeling like there’s a race coming up as I was stuck in the nightmare of traffic coming down from Boulder. Going up, in afternoon nightmare traffic, I laughed at myself because I was driving up to Boulder in afternoon traffic simply because … I wanted a tech shirt!  Giggle! I was listening to a couple of CD’s getting some tunes in my head. I know the route pretty well — where the hills are and what to do with them. Tangents are actually somewhat important here, assuming one isn’t in a crowd and can get a clear shot to them. I know last year, the final hill leading in to the stadium took a piece out of me. The only bummer on the shirt was that they had Mediums and Extra-Larges … no Larges. Medium was just too tight and Extra Large is … uh … roomy … but dang I think it’s a cool shirt! I’ll probably wear it in Alameda on Saturday the 30th.

As the music rolled in my head, I saw my points … right around mile 4 is what I call Port-O-Potty Hill … the first year I noticed that people were diving off the course to hit the potties here. It just so happens to be the highest point at 5,391 feet. Yes, you do get to go down from here until Walnut & Folsom where it’s back up a bleeding hill!!! After the hill, there’s a right hand turn into the back of the stadium where you’re still going up. Last year I was asked “So, you going to run in?” by some guys I’d kind of been playing leap-frog with. “Why should I start running now?” I panted!

I kind of feel like I’m getting my groove back … but this time it’s being built on a better foundation. I know this makes limited sense, but when have I truly made the most sense of anyone ya’ll know??? For me, I guess I need to have more structure than I want to admit to and some place to go with it. I’m just finding that balance of the sides of me.

Here we go a-hoppin’ down the Bolder Boulder trail!




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