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24 05 2009

1468742dbtm3p1wm4I sincerely believe I need to remember this every so often!

I had a fun day with some friends yesterday – wandering around the Memorial Day Weekend Denver Art Show and then dinner (gnocchi and shrimp and gaaarrrlllliiiicccc) & the movie 300 to get me “prepped” for the onslaught of people at the Bolder Boulder.

Since I don’t have the satellite dish on right now (I might be turning it off every summer – haven’t decided yet – to save money), I have little clue what is going on locally. I kind of had a morning news habit, which has been replaced with quiet stretching and time with Bailey. Far more interesting.

I just checked the weather from The Weather Channel and a couple of the locals. It’s looking like rain and cold. For me … I’m really down with that as long as I don’t slip. This means that I’ve got to remember gloves, but it’s short sleeves and comfy weather actually. It’ll probably be the strange “humid” Colorado day that is the norm for this time of year.

I’m taking care of a few things then will be going out with Bailey for a smidge. I like doing the sprints on the top of the Chatfield Dam, but if it’s raining, Miss Bailey has a serious problem with thunder.

I’m feeling a bit apprehensive, but really calm. My calf feels twingy – kind of, for a lack of better word – thick. I’ve been doing stretches against my headboard, using the weight of my legs at a counter balance –> a reverse frog pose –> bottom of the feet together stretch …. repeat. I’ve taken to doing this while on my back reading. Fells pretty good, but I’m not seeing myself post any photos anytime soon!

I’ve got to pull my things together. As I say, I checked the weather report and it’s not really favorable. I just don’t like wearing all that many layers since I tend to freeze then fry! I also have to bring a gym bag as this is the first year I’m using the baggage check as the Rocky Mountain Road Runners (my pals and long time volunteers Tom and Rosalie) weren’t needed for the finish line. Really a bummer as the club used to make like $50/volunteer and I was able to get a ride up/back with Rosalie. We could hang out a bit with each other meanderingand Tom. Tom’s really been a life saver the last couple of years … being able to see a familiar face at the end of the race. After getting my lunch, I’d go back down on the field to volunteer with the Elite race – which is pretty interesting from that vantage point. Afterward, Tom, Rosalie and I would go to the Bash Bash for lunch. I wasn’t sure what was going on this year, so I got a ‘portable locker’ ticket ($2.00) and will be writing on that when I get home!

As I say, it’s going to be very interesting as I’m taking the first bus ($9.00) from the 9-Mile Park and Ride (off the 225 freeway) and riding up to the event. Allegedly, by taking that bus, I’ll get there at 6:30 with my wave time at 7:35 or something like that. I’ve been used to getting there seriously earlier with Rosalie — and it’s relaxed me in the past. This go, it’s get off the bus … get out of travelling clothes … dump in a plastic bag for the “mobile locker” and wander around hydrating … and peeing (smile). Coming back, I’m thinking it’s a situation of going through the ending line, hopefully hooking up with a couple of friends (Racewalker Becky G, Runners Scott K and David R, and maybe Kristin H’s family) and looking around the expo a smidge. The bus back down then home by maybe 10 a.m.! I don’t think I’ll see Mike Mc finish – but I’ll see him before my start …

I’ve just not done this travel before and on a rainy day … sigh. Actually – I must admit I’d prefer to start in the rain like Surf City 2008 and just keep going!

It’s POURING …. The time out will have to wait. Ok … I’ve got things to do here. Rain is coming down in fat drops. I can only hope we don’t get an early morning hail storm tomorrow!

Come to think of it … there is something kind of bugging me. The Rocky Mountain Road Runners is turning 50. Very cool. I’ve talked up the club for all sorts of reasons – people trying to get back in to running and it’s where I first heard about racewalking.  I guess I shouldn’t be so sensitiveto the fact that the walking aspect tends to get downplayed, but in an article that was sent on the yahoo-group as well as the Facebook page, it appears that although last week the Denver Post did a nice article on Mike McBride, where he corrects them from “walking” to “Racewalking” …. but it died there. The Denver Post author didn’t mention the walking contingent of races at all … in fact … the article was poorly written (worse than one of my rambling blogs) and spent more time on Boulder clubs. I’ve spent part of the morning fielding e-mails from well meaning friends — the very same who wrote to say “Lizzy – I’ve got the cut out of the article of your friend Mike… WOW!” — who wrote saying “Isn’t the Rocky Mountain Road Runners the club you learned about racewalking? Why didn’t them mention that?” As a former journalist, I know it is insanely difficult to get everything in to an article, but now-a-days with the plethora of press releases becoming “news worthy articles” … it’s not that difficult.

So … yeah … I wrote a letter to the author … and put a note on the club’s Facebook page. I guess after seeing how my friends’ clubs in Virginia Beach and Canada really support their walkers … but then again, I don’t live there so … I could probably take a more active look in looking around Denver … but one thing at a time …

On a completely different note: My new buddy/nephew (as you all know, I just adopt most of the kids of my friends … note I said … most) Cavan (and his Mom and Dad) are doing well in New York. I’ve never really been a huge “baby” person until my neice Julianna and then nephew Luke were born. Cavan … you’re a cutie … and if you’ve somehow got Irish Green eyes … look out world! 😉 I don’t post pictures until I know it’s cool with the parents, so …

Take care, gang. I need to get outside for a while!

and before I forget:




It’s a 300 thing ….




2 responses

25 05 2009

Huh? What’s your point about the RMRR? Is Mike a member? If not, why should they give him press? If RMRR gave attention to the walkers based on their percentage of particpation, they get even less attention. Face it very few walkers show up for anything…hey, how many events have you particpated in this year? You’ll never get the recognition you want by complaing. Showing up counts for far more.

25 05 2009

Huh – it might be good of you to actually read a blog entry before sending a vitrolic note.

1. Mike is a member – maybe going to let it lapse, I don’t know. My mention of him was in reference to his article where he was quoted correcting the author from “Walker” to “Racewalker”. There was no mention of RMRR, the reference was to the Denver Post

2. Attention based on Attendance: Wow — that’s nasty. There are only a few of us and we are all very appreciative of the club for being there. I learned about RW from the RW members of the RMRR and they have been amazing. It is a selling point that there is also a walking contingent because many of us can’t run anymore and it’s nice to have an alternative – and a place to learn more. Club members are really quite supportive of the racewalkers and I find that really wonderful. It would be nice to use the fact that there is a racewalk contingent in the press to generate potential members.

3. Personal attack on me: Me complaining: I’m complaining because I get to … my blog. You can read it or not … but using a throw-away e-mail in order to complain, is pretty childish. You obviously you know me personally, you could have written me directly. You also OBVIOUSLY don’t read the blog because let’s see … where have I been this year … INJURED and OUT OF TOWN on RMRR Races.

Further answer on your vitrolic note –

I’ve talked up the RMRR to more than walkers that I know but runners. The reason is because it is friendly. It’s really a friendly and “drama free” club, which is unusual. The article really wanders more than any of my blog entries.

In your missive you threw at me that “showing up” is what it’s all about and implied that it’s a numbers game. There are more runners, so who cares about the walkers … or the joggers? Well … when dues are paid, there isn’t a distinction between walking and running.

How many races have I competed in with RMRR this year? None. WHY — well let’s see since you obviously don’t read this blog … I HAVE BEEN INJURED!! I also have had other race conflicts and RMRR races are not fitting in to my training schedule.

Time To Club: As I stated before, I started RMRR as a VOLUNTEER and have put in a lot of hours that way. In fact, I was ASKED TO VOLUNTEER at the City Park race and although I was limping very badly and in a great deal of pain I showed with 2 travellers of coffee, which I have paid for myself and bring to share with the entire club. I was planning on only staying to help with registration, because the seizing of my calf was so painful. I was asked to work the end of the chutes because there weren’t enough volunteers … I stayed and stood at the end of the chutes, cheering on club members – friends and people who are only faces. I had to leave early because I was in so much pain and could barely stand. I don’t care about “volunteer” hours or “stuff”. I tease about shirts etc, but I found out recently that I’d done the “requisite” number of races (club and outside) for schwag and it was never offered. There are many things I would like to do, but admit that I don’t have the time to do them. I’ve tried, but it’s time to put my training first. I don’t have time to be on the board, so I talk up the club and have shared application forms with friends.

If you’re trying to turn this in to a giant pissing match, you’re right … there are fewer walkers than runners. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve noticed that for our numbers we have voluteer a lot of hours cleaning up or setting up.

The RMRR is a friendly club full of characters. Speaking from a purely PR standpoint – there are loads of running clubs. RMRR has that little bit of uniqueness – racewalkers and a really great membership. It would be a great hook for getting press using Michael, Ed, Jan, Janet and John.

You want to take further issue …. write me directly. I’d be happy to talk with you, if I’ve got time.

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