Bolder Boulder – Lookie Coach – No Med Tent!

25 05 2009

Yeah! Finished!


  1. Have Fun
  2. Stay out of Med Tent
  3. Have Fun
  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE
  5. Have Fun
  6. Pay attention to the body and if I have to slow down, do it.
  7. Have Fun
  8. Don’t kill myself

  10. oh yeah … HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Overall Place: 31,807 of estimated 55,000 people
  • Division: F44: 241 of 431
  • Gender Place: 14,744 of 25,050
  • Time: 1:19:23.21 (PR: 1:15:00)
  • Pace: 12:47

I’m happy really. HONEST! There were a lot of things I was dealing with this go-around, but I think they will all make me a stronger competitor in the future as they have to do with paying attention.

I didn’t do exactly my usual morning routine … bananas died in the heat we’ve had recently.

Rode up with a couple of running (A and AA wave respectively) friends instead of the bus (YEAH David! Love your parking spot!! GREAT idea!!!). Scott, David and I all rode up together (YEAH Scott!! You’re the driver man!). We parked by the finish and then walked the maybe 2 miles to the start.

Story Time:

Scott was in the A wave and David in the AA. I actually checked a bag. It was a good thing. I was in FD … which was (obviously) a bit fast for me this year, but I was only a smidgebehind my buddy Becky G. who started behind me and finished in 1:17:07.52 … more on Becky in a moment. We walked part way together, but then the Speedy Sneakers needed to warm up, so I meandered with the crowd. It was actually nice. I didn’t think I’d get to really “warm up” my legs per se, but the longish walk got me comfortable.

lizzy and becky superbowl 2 09I dumped my bag and wondered if I’d see Becky or Mike Mc. I thought Mike was in the race, but wasn’t sure. Taking some time to stretch, I saw the familiar figure of my buddy. Becky is an amazing person and really has reminded me what friends, competitors and teammates are all about. We’re not really team-mates until we form a club, but that SO made my morning.

When last I’d seen Becky, she was in her Broncos stuff for the Super Bowl race last February. She and I came in 1-2. Over the past year, she’s become an amazing bud and I’m hoping to figure out training with her … she’s just a lot stronger and faster than I am right now … but not a hell of a lot faster … her big love is skiing double black diamonds … and I’ve pretty much put skiing behind me.

Anyway – middle of the street, my quiet voice yelling over music! We were screaming big hugs in the middle of the street not caring if anyone was watching. Who gives anyway – it’s all positive! I got asked if Becky was my big sister ones, and my response “I wish!!”

It turned out she was a few corrals behind me. She started 6 minutes after … When she noticed I was starting in front, I said “Becky – my calf still hurts, I’ll be taking it slower. Anyway, if you do a Typical Becky you’ll be flying past me at mile 2!!!” Well … I never did see her go flying past and it appears she only made up 2:16 or something like that.

I really felt relaxed starting. Calf felt a little twingy here and there. It’s like it doesn’t like it when I go up high on it. I need to get it looked at when I can but I’m taking detailed notes from now on (after stopping at the Sports Medicine booth for the University of Colorado at the Expo). Shoulders felt good. New version of the ST’s were blinding me (first wear) and I was ready to go.

I was up further than I ever have been, and I’m going to be there again next year. I need to meet this challenge. I like that. It was a bit strange as there were a handful of little kids running with their parents. I mean little  and they were having some problems. I think it would have been kinder to the kids to start further back, but whatever. Sucking carefully on a shock block, I warmed up my shoulder and arms. I said “carefully” as I had to remember to not pop the gooey cube in my left cheek as I’ve got a temp crown over there again! I must admit that I didn’t fee the swoop  that I associate with a race, I just felt … happy peace. Ok that sounds oovy-groovy, but I truly felt this was a walk in the park and I was testing to see where things were settling. I am not going to lie, I wanted  to PR … but I always would like that … I just wanted to finish happier, reasonably healthy and smiling more. I started in the back of my chipped wave and was off and walking.

It’s Map Time again!  The times are from my preliminary race results per mile. The Bolder Boulder is a tougher race than it appears just with the sheer volume of people (est. 55,000 of my closest friends) and the altitude of Boulder … and the really nastily placed hills! Sorry, Lisa, it’s in miles!


Oh yes I did start out too fast … not terribly, but not sustainably. I caught myself almost immediately and slowed my self DOWN.

 You go down 30th Street and turn on to Pearl. The last couple of years, road dividers have been problematic. I didn’t have any problems here. What I did start having issues with early on was the humidity. It’s been soaking rain in the afternoons here and it felt like it just wanted to dump. Otherwise it was lightly overcast … watercolor sky … just the way I like it. One of my goals was to work on tangents, and I did the best I could but I couldn’t see exactly where things were.

Ok – first aid station and I was dumping 2 cups of water over my head. I kid you not! They were full too. I was overheating. I knew I had my gatoradecocktails on my hips so I took a swig and very soon after ended up with a side cramp. Hum …. I guess I got the mix wrong, eh?

From Kilmoeter 4 to kilometer 6, we’re mainly in a really pretty nice neighborhood. People came out and had their stereos playing or had “food” stops, beer give-a-ways (Yeah Linda – time for you to come out of VA for this one!). There was a lot of music, belly-dancers and spectators along the way. The problem for me was someplace between mile 2 and kilometer 4 someone decided to have their grill out and offer bacon slices to passers by. OK – I see the humor here but, for reasons left in a Denny’s in JapanTownafter a String Cheese Incident concert in San Francisco … at 2 or 3 a.m. when I was keeping an eye on a good friend of mine … I’m not much of a bacon eater. When I’m overheated and trying to race, the smell of bacon literally turns my stomach and I’d just popped 1/2 a razzleberry ClifShot mainly because I was concerned about the heat. I pulled over, lost about a minute or so yakking in some neighbor’s garbage can, then get back to it. I was barely over the side stitch so I was hoping my stomach would calm down, but wasn’t going to let it get to me. I did see the humor in it, of course… someplace close to the top of the Mile 3 hill wherein another bacon lover was giving away fresh fried “Other Power Bar” … AAAEEEEIIIII!!!!! Yeah – another garbage can!

Yes – that’s Lizzy … Yak-and-Go!  Thank God for cola Shock Blocks to take the taste out of one’s mouth!

Mile 4 is the “worst”. I refer to it as Port-A-Potty hill because the first year I did the race, I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t realize where I was until I saw all the potties lined up and people diving off. I actually did pretty well actually. I didn’t spin my feet like I wanted to, but, you know, I was still feeling really good, smiling to myself and enjoying the ride. I dumped 2 water over my head and made an on-the-fly cocktail with a third.

Coming off the Mile 4 hill looks like  lovely down-hill, and it might be, however that’s when you’re winding back into the business district of Boulder. I’m sure my times don’t really show it, but I was able to start seeing the tangents and nail them. My calf was starting to talk to me in its so subtle way. I was in about a level 4 pain and knew that if I tried to contract the muscle too much, it was going to grip and stay that way. Fortunately, my left was feeling good.

Headding in to Mile 5 and I had those tingling feet again. I popped the second half of the razzleberry Clif Shot and settled in. My head was starting to say things like “since you know you’re not going to make your time goal, just pull over and stop for a spell” … I hate when it does that … especially when the calf was starting to act up and I had the last ICKY hill to come.

Being that I’d walked down the hill that ends mile 6, I told myself “Lizzy, you walked down it, now you’ve got to walk up!” The bummer about the hill is that you’re not done when you turn right into the backside of the stadium. There’s also a speedbumpwhich I’ve gone flying over a couple of times. I had, walking with David and Scott, already tripped on it, so I got that out of the way early. Getting across those Mile 6 pads is a great feeling … one more left turn into the stadium, not slipping or tripping on the metal track laid over the football field warning track and you’re so done!!! 

There’s something about coming in to that last 200 meters or so that makes it fun. Getting in there early on a nice day had a lot of cheering people. I felt like I had all this strange room around me. I’d done it and I was damn happy about it. I’m used to not hearing any cheering for what I’m doing but this booming voice flooded my left ear as I was hugging the right inside rail. “YOU GO RACEWALKER! WE SEE YOU! YOU GO GIRL!!!” Calf starting to grip … but that put an extra bounce in my step. I came around the corner for the last bit of track and this gal plowed into my back to get the inside lane between me and the rail. I’m not, by nature, a mean person, but payback does happen. I was keeping a bit of distance between me and the fence because of the rectangular legs of the temporary fence sticking out … she nailed one and flew in to the fencing.

Coming around that last corner, I knew that if I continued, I would be in very bad shape indeed. The calf was at level 6 pain and just starting to grip … but the sopping, soaking me was not only done, but I’d done what I’d set out to do.

I was able to catch up with Scott and David after several telephone calls. We hung out – David is the bomb with going through post race expos! We then hung out in a roped off section to watch the end of the race and see the elites. Kristen H. didn’t have a terrific race, but it was a family affair. We found each other in the stands, she wanted to whollop me soundly for being in new shoes, and gave me the quick 1-2 lesson using my bp cuff at home. It was great to hang out with her gang and I’m looking forward to coordinating our schedules to walk together. She’s got reat turn-over and she’s also a nurse for when dippy here does something stupid. We met through TNT and when I was so sick at the 2008 Disney Marathon, she was terrific keeping me together.

Very Wet Me post BBI’d had fun.
I’d kept smiling.
I’d come in reasonably healthy.
I’d come in with no Owies that were terrible.
I’d kept myself hydrated.
I’d had fun.
and Coach … fyi … I had fun … it wasn’t a pretty ending really, but I did have fun!

One of the things that meant the most to me was how amazing my friends are – those here, on Facebook … in a couple of countries and a bunch of states. You guys have really been great in getting this gal’s competitive head back on straight.

Cell-phone photo … one VERY wet me on a strange Colorado day!



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