If it’s 2:30 a.m. on a Monday and I’m staring at weather reports ….

25 05 2009

bolder boulder 2009It must be Bolder Boulder morning!!

Ok – I’ve got the first cup of coffee … water is on for instant oatmeal … Coach Miss Bailey Boo is staring at me like I’ve grown a 2nd head …

Feels nice to be getting race ready again.

Scott K, David R and I are driving up together. Scott’s in the A wave – and just off a great Colfax 1/2 marathon time. David is in the AA wave and off of a 3:08 Colfax full marathon time. I’m in the FD wave and the only walker of the group.

The nice thing about riding up with friends is that I can massage out both my calves while driving. Boulder is a longer ride than you think – I’ve realized this after the past couple of years riding up with Rosalie who worked the finish line. David has a specific place he parks and Scott thinks the walk to the start is a couple of miles, so I’ll have some good quiet warm up to get to the start.

Talked at length with Scott last night. He knows I’m a bit nervous as this is, truly, my first long anything since Disney. I should count Huntington Beach, but I wasbolder boulder just completely unprepared for that. My one long day, I started having problems with the calf o’pain around mile 6. This go around, I should have adreneline going and I’ll be warmed up going in.

Last year, Scott was done for like an hour or two before I even started. I came in behind the group of Smurfs, so he couldn’t find me. I truly wasn’t having any fun, so I’m kinda glad he couldn’t! This year, I’m there to have fun and get the feeling of being around that many faster people without trying to kill myself! We talked about where he could find me on the course. Since he’s going to be finishing (his take off is 7 a.m.) right about the time I start (actually, I’ll be on the course for less than 10 minutes when he finishes), he’ll be able to grab snacks, wait for David, do a quick turn around the expo then try to catch me on that last hill. It’s kind of where I might need that little reminder that I truly am having fun. The last hill is just not pleasant, but what is cool is that it’s just before I finish, so they can get back to the exit and we won’t have to spend too much time looking for one another.

David loves all the post-race schwag. Most of it I could do without, but I’m willing to go through the post-race expo and get him … stuff … if he wants it!

The big thing is this year is more about my remembering to Have Fun while I’m doing this!

Shower time … certain songs are starting t




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