Kinda sad really

25 05 2009

Ok – the Bolder Boulder post will have to wait as I’ve now spent the last hour trying to “respond” to a comment that had truly personal attacks.

My Colorado based running club has been the Rocky Mountain Road Runners. I’ve met some amazing people there and loved the uniqueness of it. It is also where I saw racewalking for the first time in my life … as a volunteer at the KUVO Labor Day race … and that very first racewalker was John L.

The club has been good to racewalkers … every trophy series race has got the racewalking entries. Sure it’s honor system, but it’s been fun. It’s been nice to learn about this sport from those other members.

The truly sad thing to me in the 50th anniversary celebration is that the club hasn’t kind of captialized on this unique characteristic. There might be only a handful of them, but it’s a great feature story because  it is something unusual.

The Denver Post article I referenced didn’t do the club justice as it is a melting pot of athletes. I’ve learned something about the word “athlete”. An athlete aren’t just the fast people who show up high in the finishing roster, but all of us who get out there and give it our all.

In the case of RMRR, I’m currently inactive as I didn’t get the renewal notice and I’m not going to be able to fit in races … I have, however, when in town, volunteered … and I don’t care about the recognition, just helping get the race going for the fun of the participants … many of whom are close friends.

What made me truly sad was that I felt like I was dealing with a spoiled brat or someone who demands recognition for all the work they do. It was implied that racewalkers didn’t deserve much of anything because they do nothing. Paying dues, showing up, participating, and pitching in with volunteering … there aren’t a lot of us, what the hell is expected? How are you going to attract more without publicising there is a place to go?

One of my favorite stories is John L. who was doing DMcG’s clinic with me my first year. He was going to be late on Sunday because he didn’t want to miss the Trophy Series (Road Runners’ Race Series) race because if you miss more than 2, you’re out of the running for any place or “prize” as there is only 1-2-3 for both men and women … as there are so few of us. He did well in the race, as I recall, then came out for a second grueling day at the track with DMcG. That’s a racewalker … we do what it takes.

So … I’m sad. I had a really pretty good race. Hung out with a couple of guys I know from the RMRR. But, I guess my choice is clear on teams, hu?




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