A bit more sore, but smiling anyway

26 05 2009

Ok – it truly IS the middle of the night, however I’m realizing that my ankles and shins are a bit more sore than I’d like to think. It truly comes from not being as fit as I was last year. This year, I pretty much stopped everything because of the calf. I tried here and there on a lot of things, but it got down to hurting so I put other things in front. Last year, I was doing a lot more pilates etc.

Ok – so I’m feeling it. It’s just reminders of what I need to get done in order to get back to a place I want to be. The big thing is that I am getting it.

As I say — learning every day what has worked and what truly hasn’t … taking nothing truly for granted.

I’m a bit heavier right now than I’m comfortable with and need to re-tune a lot of muscles. Ok ….

Time Starts Now!

Yawn but awake!  Lizzy



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