Fly Day …

28 05 2009

I’m laughing because I’m travelling nearly as much this year as my last year of California based music touring/work! I was skinnier, but probably not healthier. I’ll find a few photos when I go through storage this summer.

I’m really getting happy about this upcoming race. I’m a little on the butterflies as I’ve never done the course nor do I know anyone who has. But – Mom’s going to the Expo with me and we’re gonna go to Trader Joe’s … sigh … Colorado will never get one.

The funny thing is that I’ve just registered for the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon. My buddy Linda lives out there. We met at the WCR clinic in Florida and the friendships I made there … well … it’s reminding me of music days … figuring out how to get to races, cheering each other on when we’re not there, and depending on Southwest’s airfares to get me around …

Never really thought that the ‘skills’ learned while music touring would be used for racewalk … touring!

Ok – need to get packed … 😉

More from Cali!





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