Conquering Race Fears = my top 10 …

31 05 2009

Ok – Came up with this page idea after tripping over a kid at the See Jane Run 1/2. It’ll probably be added to … looks like only 2 haven’t happened.

1. Missing Race:
     January 2006 – First Disney. I woke up to the television saying “and there go the Walt Disney World Marathon Runners!!!” I nearly died! I freaked out! I’d gotten to Disney to walk my first marathon and missed it???????… nope. The Sportscaster mis-spoke. It was the 1/2 marathon start which was on Saturday. What’s a little heart failure before a race?

2. Two Matching Shoes:
     February 2007 – Surf City. Going to Surf City, I stayed the night at my buddy Er’s. I got to hang out with his wife and my niece, Ju-Ju. Ju-Ju was entranced with my race watch and my ‘matching’ race shoes. I’d brought 2 sets of Brooks because of the weather issue. When I was packing, there was a potential that I was going to leave a few things at Er’s because we were hooking up before I left. I was so terribly over-packed – rain gear, homework, etc – but I shoved everything in the rental. When I unpacked I didn’t pay close attention when I threw one pair of shoes over where my race clothes were. Before I went to bed, I noticed they were ‘matching’ shoes and took care of the problem. During a torrent of rain, I woke with a start dreaming I’d left both shoes of one foot in Los Angeles … which would suck royal as I was in Huntington Beach. I now carefully double check my shoes!

3. Tripping over People:
      Took two near misses and one small child! Ok Disney 2008, I was ‘dressed down’ by a coach while I was trying to finish the marathon with the stomach flu. These people came directly in to the race path – which is through the park – and I said “Don’t even think about it.” Disney 2009 after almost the same place in the full marathon, people were dawdling in the crosswalk. I was not going to slow down … sorry … I was on pure momentum by that time. FINALLY HAD IT HAPPEN! See Jane Run 2009. Two little girls were running in front of a gal and myself. Not sure if they were in the kid’s race, but their mom was pushing them along. The gal and I were also saying “KEEP GOING GIRLS!” One of them stopped and stepped over at me. There was a bush next to me, left foot on sand on the edge of the bike path I’d noticed during recon the day before and a gamy right leg. I was just starting to pick up speed for the finish push. I flew over the kid, pushed her out of the way as I slammed down hard on the outside of my right foot taking the last bit out of my calf. I came around the corner limping seriously and there was my Mom at the finish. I didn’t swear … I didn’t kill the kid … I didn’t kill the parent … I got across the finish and took care of myself. Did the right thing … but this is now checked off my list!

4. Some sort of Dental Issue while in a 1/2 Marathon:
     May 2009 – See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon. I’d had a temp crown put in kind of against my better judgment before I left Colorado. Pre-Race breakfast, said crown decided to come out for a visit! I got it back in place … I’d listened to how the dentist did it and it held for most of the race. It popped up in 2 places so I proved that a sore racewalker can do anything – including minor dentistry – at mile 7 and 11 when pushed! I’d prefer not to do that again. The interesting thing is how I held an old crown in place during a race was stuffing a Shock Block in on that side and letting it melt holding the tooth together.

5. Eyeglasses falling apart:
     If you knew my eyesight, you’d get why this is terrifying! However, I am not comfortable in contacts and can’t afford Lasik. So – I am forever tightening my specs. I did forget my bandana one Disney race and had really mucked up glasses by the end of the 1/2. They kept steaming up. Rectified that before the full!

6. Yakking in a race:
     June 2007, January 2008, May 2009 … I’m a McG student … I guess I’d better get good at it! June was the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. Everything was going kind of wrong, but no sweat. Mile 10 – freeway – I was really sick. Yakked over the freeway in to an open VW Bug driving on the roadway below … good Northern Cali girl that I am … and found a quarter when I was done. Yippy Skip! January was Disney Marathon where I got sick a couple of days before. Ran behind an ’employee’s only’ sign and yakkety-doo-dah … yakkety-day … before going in to the Magic Kingdom. Giggled in 2009 when I went past the same spot. May –Bolder Boulder … not my fault people cook bacon on the side of the road!!!!

7. Being bitten by a dog:
     November 2008 – United Way Turkey Trot. I love my dog more than I like most people. The Turkey Trot states “Leave your dog home to guard the turkey.” I guess most of the turkeys are running because of the number of dogs in the race!!! I was sore, but going to do the race anyway and came up to a gal with Fido on an extender leash. I’d already dealt with tripping over dog leashes at the Tripping of the Green in March, but this was different! This woman and another weren’t controlling their dogs and pissed off when I said “Control your dog!” They blamed me for coming through and actually racing: you’re just walking …I tried to find them at the end of the race to have them pay for the winter skinnies their dogs destroyed … going to have to go shopping.

8. Losing car keys at race:
     July 2007 – Fourth of July Washington Park 5K. I couldn’t find one of those niffy toe shoe case things and I didn’t have a pocket in my skirt. I think I tucked the key in  my sock or something. It popped out and I looked all over for it. It would have been a pain to walk all the way back to my house – several miles actually – to get another key. I couldn’t safety pin it to anything because the loop was broken on that particular key. I ended up remembering my hat had a pocket in the front and shoved the key in there … and ended up with a strange mark on my forehead afterward!

9. DNF and Associated Nightmares:
     March 2009 – Huntington Beach. When I used to run, DNF was the worst thing in the world. It was proof  you weren’t trying enough. Took me several months and some damn good friends to get it through my head that it is far better to DNF and take care of my injuries than be disqualified due to ‘breaking’ the rules. Ok. In this line are other fears: Passing out in a race, needing to be sagged and the like.
      January 2009 – Disney: I used to have a fear of the Medical Tent, but that was taken care of at Disney. Med Tent is my friend … but I’d prefer to just have coffee with it!

10. Being told I can’t do this anymore.
     … hum … well … in May 1988, I was hit by that drunk driver and told I would not be able to be athletic again much less be able to walk normally. I truly pitty the fool who tries to tell me this again!




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