A long day – hope to get to the track!

24 06 2009

Yeah – I know, priorities … but I finally got a line on this paper I’ve been trying to hash out for the last couple of weeks. The real problem is that I have huge interests in the motivations of athletes, advertising and the like, but I’m bored to tears with the standard “sex sells”, “idealized body images” and the like. I’ve done a bit of research, but honestly I’m not going to put in 200 hours on a paper for a class which probably is off topic anyway.

I’m thinking I might be catching that cold which is going around. I’m not really interested in it, but there you go.

First things first: Need to get this paper into a 2nd draft by at latest 8p so I can do a 3rd edit by around 10.

I should be able to do the track work-out tomorrow. I wish it was 200’s, though as that’s the length of the track on campus!

Cheers – Lis




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