A Week at the New Chiropractor

26 06 2009

Ok – I went in for the ‘free’ check thing and ended up seeing both Doctors. I was right, they do have sports backgrounds and the practice is very new. A new practice is warning signal with me because that’s the mess I’ve just come out of, but I have a feeling these guys will stick. One doc is a 4th generation chiropractor and they both are fairly interchangeable.

I filled out paperwork as Dr. Dr. was perusing a flier on racewalking technique that I’d printed from Jeff Savage’s site. It’s a good primer that is easy to hand out. He’s pretty hip to coming to Dave’s clinic in late July/earlyAugust to learn more … That’s freaking promising. He’s also a space nut. I think he’s just nutty! (another plus)  Both Docs laughed with my postal basket full of shoes, but Dr. Dr. saw how I was trying to fix my falling arches myself because I’d so hated the cookies made for me in the past. He explained how they’re supposed to be made … I like this … he’s making it a point to explain things and relate them to my already painful toes and the rest.

1. My leg is roughly an inch off – right shorter than left.

2. The reason I’m starting to have blisters on my right toes is because of the above and the my toes are starting to roll under due to compensating.

3. The middle of my upper back is a locked mess.

4. I’m fixable.

After now three visits (one initial, one consultation and treatment, one treatment) I’m optimistic. My upper back hasn’t unlocked, but I’m feeling this isn’t a mistake. My leg still hikes right back up, but I’ve been through chiropractic before … it takes time to get things back in line … and I’m not the most patient of people, sorry. I just have to be this time! There are a few things about Dr. Dr. that I really appreciate:

His youth keeps him excited and hearing him exclaim “SWEET!” when he can get my legs back in line, makes me laugh!

He also isn’t going to force anything, because his mentor said “Don’t ever force anything. Give it a try another day.”

He is very conscientious and explains things … and willing to explain them over and over while discyphering my odd questions. He’s seen the light come on with me a couple of times, so I’m pretty psyched.

He makes me laugh. Patient/Dr. Confidentiality (?) GIGGLE!!!

He doesn’t believe on fixating on the pain, just needs to know where it is … fixate on getting it better.

He’s actually read the document on Racewalk form, started to do some research and finds it interesting. He’s got my schedule from DMcG and pays attention to it because I come in for adjustments after 2 work-out days. A Doc who does his homework …

Current treatment: Adjustment + Back Roll thing (if you’ve been to a chiropractor – that bed roller on a VERY high setting) + Cold Laser on my knee for 10 minutes a visit. Asking for exercises and the like … will keep you posted. I’m optimistic … and I’m out the door!




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