Wow that hurts! Toes on the Right still feel Wrong

29 06 2009

Well – I’ll pop last week’s training on here … all ‘cept my Wednesday track work out since that watch was stolen in my gym bag. Sigh …

Anyway – the biggest thing that has been bugging me is that my right foot has become the site of blisters and the like. Makes perfect sense that it’s because my toes are rolling under due to everything being out of whack. I’d kind of figured that out in January and have been trying to straighten it out with over the counter inserts.

Was molded for inserts on Friday … and it hurt actually when Dr. Dr. was pressing my right foot into the Styrofoam to make the mold. It was the toe pads and he agreed that after I get used to the things and we get me straightened out a bit, it’ll be better. I really hope so.

What’s happened is this: I’ve got really pointed bottoms of my toes especially on my right. I’ve been building a bit of a painful callous for years and have to literally file it down. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that callous has been complicated by blood blisters and other blisters on nearby toes. It’s gotten a bit worse. The thing that really hurts is putting weight on that callous. On yesterday’s walk, around mile 11, I rolled off of a twig that was on the bike-path and HOLY S#*T it hurt! The inside of my knee was hurting, but this was just INSANE! It felt like someone had hit it with a hot poker and it didn’t calm down. Even when I took Bailey out when I got home, I had to wear flip flops because it hurt to put any weight on it.

So – off I go for another treatment … That huge spider is still running around my wall … he’s not really huge, just really kind of freakish looking …





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